Plural ans Singular Verbs
  • 1. Dave (talk) to the teacher.
A) talks
B) talk
  • 2. The men (paint) the house.
A) paints
B) paint
  • 3. Gerry (jump) rope.
A) jumps
B) jump
  • 4. The door (open) wide.
A) open
B) opens
  • 5. Casper (bark) every nigh.
A) barks
B) bark
  • 6. We (hear) him in our bedroom.
A) hears
B) hear
  • 7. Casper (cover) his eyes with his paws.
A) covers
B) cover
  • 8. He (see) the moon in in the sky
A) see
B) sees
  • 9. He (run) around at night.
A) run
B) runs
  • 10. He (sleep) in his house.
A) sleep
B) sleeps
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Answer Key

1.A   2.B   3.A   4.B   5.A   6.B   7.A   8.B   9.B   10.B  

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