Text Features
__1. BulletsA. Where you find the names of chapters and their page numbers
__2. CaptionB. Gives definitions of challenging words in the text
__3. Cross SectionC. Displays data in a picture rather than with numbers
__4. GlossaryD. Tells you what the section is going to be about
__5. GraphE. Organizes information into columns
__6. HeadingF. Describes what's happening in a picture
__7. IndexG. Shows you the inside of something by cutting it in half
__8. PrefaceH. Lists information line-by-line
__9. TableI. Tells you on what pages to find specific topics
__10. Table of ContentsJ. Introduces you to what the book is about
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Answer Key

1.H  2.F  3.G  4.B  5.C  6.D  7.I  8.J  9.E  10.A 

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