How to Babysit an Orangutan
  • 1. What island is the orangutan orphanage located?
A) Samoa
B) Hawaii
C) Sumatra
D) Borneo
  • 2. What kind of place is Camp Leakey?
A) a camp for adults
B) a camp for kids
C) a camp for adult orangutans
D) a camp for orphaned orangutans
  • 3. Why do the baby orangutans in this selection need babysitters?
A) because they cannot survive without their mothers
B) because their mothers are being trained for circuses
C) because they are sick and hungry
D) because they are rare animals
  • 4. When does a babysitter's job end?
A) when the babysitter is tired and wants to go home
B) when the ape can go off to live alone in the rain forest
C) when the natural mother returns
D) when the orangutan learns to feed itself
  • 5. Animal dealers are a danger to mother and baby orangutans for all of the following reasons EXCEPT ____________________.
A) they want to cuddle the baby orangutans
B) many baby orangutans do not survive the trip to a zoo or circus
C) they kill the mothers to get the babies
D) mother orangutans do not give up babies without a fight
  • 6. The babysitter wears a hat to protect herself from the rain. How might an orangutan protect itself in a similar situation?
A) find an umbrella
B) hold a leaf over its head
C) roll under a log
D) take cover in a hole
  • 7. How can you tell if orangutans are best friends?
A) One becomes the leader of the others.
B) They snatch each other's food.
C) Three or four hang around together.
D) They build nests in the same trees.
  • 8. How long does it take baby orangutans to learn to live on their own?
A) seven or eight years
B) twenty years
C) six months
D) several weeks
  • 9. Baby orangutans eat ________________.
A) vegetables, sandwiches, and apple juice
B) fruit, plants, and bugs
C) pancakes, syrup, and fried eggs
D) fruit juice, hamburgers, and mashed potatoes
  • 10. Why is bath time for the orangutans no fun for the babysitters?
A) The babysitters don't like the kind of soap they have to use.
B) The apes throw water at the babysitters
C) The apes love to bathe and won't get out of the water
D) The apes don't like to get wet and will scream and bite.
  • 11. What is a sign that a baby orangutan is ready to go off on its own?
A) It can hang upside down from a tree.
B) It can leave its family and best friends.
C) It had learned to eat bananas.
D) It is old enough to sleep alone in the forest.
  • 12. How are the orangutans' nests different from the nests of the other great apes?
A) Orangutans don't build nests
B) Orangutans always build their nest on the ground.
C) They steal a nest from another orangutan
D) Orangutans build a roof on top of their nests to keep out rain.
  • 13. Orangutan females only give birth about once every _______________.
A) 6 years
B) 8 years
C) 1 year
D) 3 years
  • 14. Orang Hutan means ______________.
A) Monkey Man
B) Silly Monkey
C) Person of the Forest
D) Orange Forest
  • 15. All of the following apes are considered great apes EXCEPT _________________.
A) spider monkey
B) orangutan
C) bonabo
D) chimpanzee
  • 16. Do you think you would like to babysit an orangutan? Why or why not? Please be sure to use details from the story to explain your answer.
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Answer Key

1.D   2.D   3.A   4.B   5.A   6.B   7.C   8.A   9.B   10.D   11.D   12.D   13.B   14.C   15.A   16.   

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