WWI History Test #1
Contributed by: Crawford

  • 1. What year did First World War start?
A) 1914
B) 1916
C) 1919
D) 1918
  • 2. What date ended the First World war?
A) Nov. 13th, 1919
B) Nov. 13, 1918
C) Nov. 11th, 1919
D) Nov. 11th ,1918
  • 3. What year was Mr. Crawford born?
A) 1987
B) 1964
C) 1977
D) 1942
  • 4. What was the flashpoint that started the first World War?
A) Murder of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
B) Murder of President J. F. Kennedy
C) Homer Simpson pressed the meltdown button at the nucular plant
D) Death of Gavrilo Princip
  • 5. What countries make up the triple entente?
A) Italy, France, England
B) England, France, YVdeinussia
C) Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary
D) Russia, France, Canada
  • 6. What countries make up the triple alliance?
A) Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary
B) England, France, Russia
C) Russia, France, Canada
D) Italy, France, England,
  • 7. What country are the members of the Black Hand Society from?
A) Sweeden
B) Serbia
C) Germany
D) Czechoslovakia
  • 8. What WWI battle did Canada make its name in due to its strategic planning?
A) Passchendale
B) Ypres
C) Sommes
D) Vimy Ridge
  • 9. In what battle did the German Army first use Mustard gas as a weapon of war?
A) Vimy Ridge
B) Passchendale
C) Ypres
D) Sommes
  • 10. What year did American Troops enter the conflict and why?
A) 1918. Sinking of the SS Minnow
B) 1917. Sinking of the SS Edmond Fitzgerald
C) 1915. Sinking of the Titanic
D) 1917. Sinking of the SS Lusitannia
  • 11. What is a German U boat?
A) Submarine
B) Ocean troop carrier
C) U shaped rubber dingy
D) Navy Destroyer
  • 12. How many Kills does it take to become an (fighter pilot) ACE?
A) 5
B) 50
C) 15
D) 25
  • 13. How many kills did Billy Bishop record?
A) 82
B) 72
C) 61
D) 71
  • 14. What neutral country did Germany invade to trigger Canada's involvement?
A) Belgium
B) Switzerland
C) Austria-Hungary
D) Serbia
  • 15. Who was credited with shooting down the infamous RED BARRON?
A) Col. Polo Saunders
B) Capt. Roy Brown
C) Billy Bishop
D) General Hocksteder
  • 16. What what were common everyday problems soilders in the trenches had to endure.
A) Rats, Lice, Musterd sandwiches, Mud
B) Rats, Lice, Musterd gas, Lunches
C) Rats, Lice, Musterd gas, Mud
D) Rats, Lice, Musterd gas, Clean drinking water
  • 17. What was conscription?
A) Medicine given to troops for trench mouth
B) Voulunteering for service
C) Medicine given to troops for trench foot
D) Forced Service
  • 18. What country was the treaty that ended the first world war signed in?
A) Germany
B) Belgium
C) Slobovia
D) France
  • 19. Who wrote "In Flanders Fields"?
A) John McKHVW[`ade
B) John McCrae
C) John Baptiste
D) John Lennon
  • 20. How many Canadian troopd died in the First World War?
A) 63,000
B) 64,000
C) 78,000
D) 79,000
  • 21. What battle was on July 1st 1916?
A) Iwo Jima
B) Beaumont Hamel
C) Ypres
D) Battle of Flanders Field
  • 22. What British colony lost many of its volunteers at the Battle of Beaumont QN\]_famel?
A) New Zeland
B) Scotland
C) Wales
D) Newfoundland
  • 23. Who led all Four Canadian Divisions at the Battle of Vimy Ridge?
A) General Justin Papineau
B) General. Aurther Curry
C) General Joseph Stalin
D) General Ryan Smyth
  • 24. What rank was Adolf Hitler during the first World war (in the Austrian Army)?
A) Captain
B) Corpral
C) Field Marshall
D) General
  • 25. Who was the last soilder killed in the first World War?
A) John Lennon
B) Joseph Stalin
C) John Price
D) Long John Silver
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Answer Key

1.A   2.D   3.B   4.A   5.B   6.A   7.B   8.D   9.C   10.D   11.A   12.A   13.B   14.A   15.B   16.C   17.D   18.D   19.B   20.A   21.B   22.D   23.B   24.B   25.C  

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