Homophones (Fourth Grade)
  • 1. I feel ____________.
A) weak
B) week
  • 2. I worked for one ____________.
A) week
B) weak
  • 3. They are in _______.
A) there
B) their
C) they're
  • 4. ________ game was cancelled.
A) their
B) there
C) they're
  • 5. _________ my favorite grandparents.
A) they're
B) there
C) their
  • 6. _________ going to have to quit talking.
A) your
B) you're
  • 7. Is this ________ yo-yo?
A) your
B) you're
  • 8. ___________ a small problem with _____ car.
A) There's, your
B) Their, you're
C) Their's, your
D) Theres, you're
  • 9. ________ raining outside today.
A) It's
B) Its
  • 10. _________ the door; the air conditioner is on!
A) Close
B) Clothes
  • 11. Thankfully, my mother bought me some new _________ for church camp.
A) clothes
B) close
  • 12. We will leave for our field trip in one ________.
A) our
B) hour
  • 13. That was _______ pizza, but the dog ______ it!
A) hour, eight
B) hour, ate
C) our, ate
D) our, eight
  • 14. ______ you please help me carry this?
A) Would
B) Wood
  • 15. OUCH! That huge piece of _________ fell on my pinky toe!
A) would
B) wood
  • 16. I left my toy ____ the door.
A) bye
B) by
C) buy
  • 17. I wanted to _____ some candy.
A) by
B) bye
C) buy
  • 18. "_____," I yelled to my mom as I was leaving.
A) buy
B) by
C) bye
  • 19. I can't ______ a word that you are saying.
A) here
B) hear
  • 20. Her friend wanted to stay ______ since she was sick.
A) hear
B) here
  • 21. Let's go ________ the tunnel on our bicycles.
A) through
B) threw
  • 22. The baseball player ______ the ball to first base.
A) through
B) threw
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Answer Key

1.A   2.A   3.A   4.A   5.A   6.B   7.A   8.A   9.A   10.A   11.A   12.B   13.C   14.A   15.B   16.B   17.C   18.C   19.B   20.B   21.A   22.B  

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