A Very Important Day
  • 1. We received a _____ of appreciation when we helped clean up our playground.
A) petitioner
B) certificate
C) examiner
D) resounded
  • 2. The children's voices _____ in the quiet of the night as they sang for the outdoor concert.
A) implored
B) aplogized
C) resounded
D) obliged
  • 3. Jason _____ to Lil when he accidentally stepped on her toes.
A) resounded
B) apologized
C) obliged
D) enriched
  • 4. My father had to go before an _____ to pass a test to become an interpreter in the United Nations.
A) examiner
B) enrich
C) brigade
D) petitioners
  • 5. The courtroom had many _____ waiting to plead their cases.
A) petitioners
B) curfews
C) obliged
D) certificates
  • 6. Mrs. Brown felt _____ to return the favor when her friend treated her to lunch.
A) examiner
B) obliged
C) resounded
D) apologized
  • 7. Laurie added more cinnamon to her pie to _____ its flavor.
A) apologize
B) certificate
C) enrich
D) examiner
  • 8. Why is it hard for people to arrive at the courthouse on time?
A) The weather is bad.
B) The courthouse is hard to find.
C) The subway is not running.
D) New York is a big city
  • 9. The author doesn't tell why people are going to the courthouse until the end of the story because she _____.
A) hasn't decided where the people will go
B) left it out accidentally
C) doesn't think anyone will notice
D) wants to keep the reader in suspense
  • 10. What do all the characters in the story have in common?
A) They all live in different American cities.
B) Today is the first time they have seen snow.
C) They all love snow and storms.
D) They all come from countries other than the United States.
  • 11. What happens after the examiner announces that the petitioners have qualified for citizenship?
A) They get their certificate of citizenship.
B) They join the judge in "The Star-Spangled Banner."
C) They take the oath of citizenship.
D) They celebrate with their friends.
  • 12. What is the purpose of repeating the oath of citizenship?
A) to determine whether or not the people understand English
B) to swear loyalty to the United States
C) to make many voices sound as one
D) to give people a chance to practice their English
  • 13. What tradition is the judge talking about when he speaks to the new citizens?
A) Most Americans have come from somewhere else.
B) Becoming a citizen is a very important event.
C) People from other countries come to the United States each year.
D) Many people have learned the oath of citizenship.
  • 14. The characters in this selection become citizens by having an American court issue an order because_____.
A) they are not old enough
B) they were not born in America
C) they do not speak English
D) they do not have much money
  • 15. Before Miguel left home to go downtown he _____.
A) played with some snow
B) helped his father light a fire in the fireplace
C) put a sign on their front door
D) made a present for his mother
  • 16. What is one reason Pedro's father goes up on the deck of the ferry?
A) because the little ones are crying
B) so he could talk to the captain of the ferry
C) because he wanted to enjoy the warm weather
D) so the children would not be up there alone
  • 17. Why do you think everyone stood up and joined the judge in the Pleadge of Allegiance?
A) because they had small American flags to hold
B) because the room was crowded and many people were already standing
C) to show they are proud to be American citizens
D) to practice saying the Pledge of Allegiance in case it is required on the test
  • 18. When the examiner called each name, the person ______.
A) left the room
B) came forward to receive their certificate
C) shook the judge's hand
D) waved the American flag
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Answer Key

1.B   2.C   3.B   4.A   5.A   6.B   7.C   8.A   9.D   10.D   11.C   12.B   13.A   14.B   15.A   16.D   17.C   18.B  

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