Landforms Grade 2
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  • 1. The largest bodies of salt water are called __________.
A) rivers
B) oceans
C) valleys
D) lakes
  • 2. This is a body of water with land all around it.
A) lake
B) ocean
C) island
D) river
  • 3. This is the highest land there is in the world.
A) hill
B) valley
C) island
D) mountain
  • 4. This is an area with many trees.
A) hill
B) desert
C) island
D) forest
  • 5. This is a hot, dry place with very little rain.
A) valley
B) forest
C) desert
D) ocean
  • 6. This is high land.
A) hill
B) island
C) valley
D) desert
  • 7. This is land that is surrounded by water.
A) island
B) hill
C) lake
D) river
  • 8. This is very flat land that goes on for miles.
A) desert
B) island
C) forest
D) plain
  • 9. This is flat land between hills or mountains.
A) desert
B) valley
C) island
D) lake
  • 10. This is fresh water with land on two sides.
A) island
B) river
C) ocean
D) lake
  • 11. The largest community where many people live and work.
A) city
B) farm
C) suburb
D) town
  • 12. A small community where people live and work.
A) island
B) suburb
C) city
D) town
  • 13. A large community near a city where people live and work.
A) surburb
B) town
C) farm
D) city
  • 14. This tells us what the symbols on a map stand for.
A) map key
B) compass rose
C) oceans
D) landforms
  • 15. A place where a group of people live, work, and follow the same rules and laws.
A) school
B) community
C) hill
D) island
  • 16. A symbol on a map that is used for showing the directions N, S, E, and W.
A) compass rose
B) map key
C) landform
D) school
  • 17. Different kinds of land such as mountains and plains.
A) compass rose
B) suburb
C) landforms
D) map key
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Answer Key

1.B   2.A   3.D   4.D   5.C   6.A   7.A   8.D   9.B   10.B   11.A   12.D   13.A   14.A   15.B   16.A   17.C  

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