How to take a test PRACTICE 1
  • 1. Look over the questions if the test is short. Some answers may be _______ in the test. Look for words which might belong to the same set, to find the one correct choice.
A) correct
B) wrong
C) elsewhere or some place else
D) right
  • 2. After you look over possible answers, the questions might be stated ____________ elsewhere in the test. Or the answers might be RE-worded, or said in another way, or be not exactly the same as they might be compared to another numbered question. They might even SEEM like the same question, (how many ways can I say THIS?)???
A) incorrect
B) wrong
C) differently
D) impossible
  • 3. SCAN the answers to find the questions faster! If the questions look too long, really detailed or very wordy, do not be distracted by the volume, size of the paragraph or page. If this was a "VIDEO GAME" your eyes would be looking for the glowing key/ treasure box, new weapon/ or whatever would give you an edge. HEY! LOOK for essential information which can help narrow down the question from all the possible choices. For instance there are only ____ possible answers but only ONE is correct.
A) twelve
B) forty
C) four
D) one
  • 4. READ CAREFULLY to make sure your answers _________ with the grammar. Many times a teacher pulls out thier hair over an answer that does NOT make sense and would be easily corrected by READING the answer out loud, then picking the obvious!
A) agree
B) be
C) correctly
D) like as
  • 5. A question may be repeated in another way, which may tip you off to the correct answer in another question. It is OK to skip one and come back then return to get it ________(recall #2 this test)
B) correct
C) wrong
D) wrong twice
  • 6. ESTIMATE on math tests if they have a time limit! This is true especially if the question /equation is HUGE! For instance: Look at the range of answers without doing the math first for this example- 7/20 = ____% 7 is NOT even half of 20, so 80% (MOST) is OUT, 20 is 100% (ALL) of 20, so 140% gone! Seven IS MORE than 25% (25 cents is ONE QUARTER [1/4]) of 20 , so BAM 35% is the right pick.
A) 10%
B) 140%
C) 35%
D) 80%
  • 7. If the answers are CLOSE, then REASONING can work faster than ANY calculator or supercomputer. TRY 19,873,551,735 times 63,286,533 = ______________ The answer will have which digit in the "ONES PLACE" ? (think small, [Solve a smaller /similar problem first] 3 x 5 = 15!)
A) not here
B) xxxxxxxxxx5
C) xxxxxxxxx7
D) xxxxxxxxx9
  • 8. Study before if you can, but keep your cool. Often your GUT will guide you, but your brain might question THAT answer. A good percentage of the time you can actually trust your _____ answer.
A) rong
B) first
C) incorrect
D) wrong
  • 9. Oh yeah, look for the answer that ______ ______ ____, with the others. This is REALLY true for the number of blanks in the question compared to the answer choices! Check grammar too.
A) looks like
B) does not fit
C) sits with
D) is similar
  • 10. (25 points, extra credit) You might need to be a point weasel and go for the points rather than going in order. This question might be the only one you could get right, so reading the questions first would have paid off!!!!! This question was ____ and _____ points
A) last 25
B) rong worth
C) long had
D) wrong woth
  • 11. BEWARE the easy out, by avoiding the "not here" answer. Just like Indiana Jones, ____ hardly ever really marks the spot!
A) indy was wrong
B) X
C) that
D) when he demanded
  • 12. The most important thing you need on your test besides correct answers is
B) test
C) pencil
D) paper
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Answer Key

1.C   2.C   3.C   4.A   5.B   6.C   7.B   8.B   9.B   10.A   11.B   12.A  

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