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Sellers, John -
Adventur-cation matching #1 (100)
1 Orson Wells 2 Crazy Horse (After Battle of Little Bighorn) 3 Rocky Mountains 4 First Transcontinental Railroad 5 Abraham Lincoln 6 Union North Army 7 Confederate South Army 8 Santa Maria 9 Nina 10 P
Adventur-cation matching #2 (100)
101 Ellis Island 102 Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island 103 Immigrants posing for a Family Picture at Ellis Island 104 Gateway to United States for millions of immigrants 105 Charlie Chaplin as the l
Adventur-cation matching #3 (25)
202 Wyton Marsalis 203 Cassandra Wilson 204 Sonny Rollins 205 Count Basie 206 Lionel Richie 207 Cyndi Lauper 208 Freddy Keppard 209 Connee Boswel 210 Sarah Vaughan 211 George Gershwin
Adventur-cation u.s. history assessment (63)
The fourth planet from our sun. Mars Mercury Earth Jupiter Uranus
Conway, Jeannette -
Ps ch 6 vocabulary (14)
a model of an atom in which each dot represents a valence electron electron dot diagram polar bond diagram valence electron diagram chemical formula diagram
Martínez, Eduardo -
D3 compuestos ionicos y d5 compuestos organios comunes y e1 mol (13)
COMPUESTO IONICO nombre del cation+nombre del anion (sin palabra ion) # DE OXIDACION se pone si el cation tiene mas de 1 carga HIDRATOS compuesto formado por el agregado de H2O e iones ANHIDRO cuando
Jennings, Deirdre -
Chem: revision: can you "read" the periodic table? (40)
What is the mass number (rounded to the nearest whole number) of the element with the symbol "V"? 51 60 50 23
Chem: bohr atomic model (10)
Ion An atom where the protons and electrons are unbalanced Anion An atom with an overall - charge Cation An atom with an overall + charge Nucleus At the centre of an atom Proton A subatomic particle w