• 1. Three ways to use the to-be verb depending of the personal pronoun.
A) wasn´t
B) am-are
C) weren´t
D) is
E) am, is, are
  • 2. My sister ______ sick
A) it's
B) am
C) are
D) is
E) are not
  • 3. How many siblings do you have?
A) I have a dog
B) my father
C) my mother
D) I have two sisters and a brother
E) I have a fruit
  • 4. What's your mother's name?
A) She Leticia
B) She are Leticia
C) my mother Leticia
D) Is Leticia
E) My mother's name is Leticia
  • 5. How old are you?
A) I have 15
B) I'm 15 years old
C) i'm 15 old
D) 15
E) Is 15 years
  • 6. what is the meaning of: butchery
A) hotel
B) zapateria
C) panaderia
D) carnicería
E) restaurante
  • 7. what's the meaning of shoe store
A) zapatería
B) jardín
C) cafeteria
D) plaza
E) escuela
  • 8. complete the sentence: I ______ A LOVE FOR ME
A) fonded
B) fund
C) finds
D) found
E) findes
  • 9. complete the sentence: We _______ in the dark.
A) danced
B) dances
C) dancet
D) donced
E) dans
  • 10. Past participle of: SEE
A) sen
B) Seen
C) so
D) sin
E) saw
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