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Garcia, Jojo -
Alg1 unit 8 6practice 6 (8)Slides2017.04.13
Denson, Talese - Lipscomb Elementary
11's multiplication drill (20)Multiple Choice2017.04.13
Pappal, Benji -
Lessons: naming points, lines, and angles e (52)Slides2017.04.13
Lesson: vertical angles e (30)Slides2017.04.13
Bull, Logan -
Čičmany village (8)Multiple Choice2017.04.13
De Koe, Lianna - SJHS
Waves basics quiz (40)Multiple Choice2017.04.12
Sound waves quiz (+basics) (40)Multiple Choice2017.04.12
Van rest, Markus - St-Maartens College
Tangens, cosinus of sinus (7)Slides2017.04.12
Reid, Amanda -
7th grade equations & expressions reid (16)Slides2017.04.12
Cason, Vickie - North Augusta Middle
G 3 dimensional shapes (10)Matching2017.04.12
P permutations versus combinations (34)Slides2017.04.12
Barrett, Kamiyah -
Caesar conquers Gaul (9)Multiple Choice2017.04.12
Byrne, Lyra -
Capoeira: The Artful Martial Dance (8)Multiple Choice2017.04.12
Donado, Sofia -
Cri du chat (10)Multiple Choice2017.04.12
Robinson, Amanda -
Term 2 year 12 biology pre-test (19)Matching2017.04.12
Witt, Ashley -
7th grade equations & expressions (16)Slides2017.04.11
Bangert, Steve - Kingman Elementary
Apples to oregon (13)Multiple Choice2017.04.10
Sweeney, Bradley -
The Story of the Cliffs of Moher (14)Multiple Choice2017.04.10