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Koval, Joseph -
Multiplying expressions (15)Multiple Choice2015.01.03
Equal values method (16)Slides2015.01.03
Solving equations (15)Multiple Choice2015.01.03
Writing linear equations from word problems (16)Slides2015.01.03
Evaluating expressions (15)Multiple Choice2015.01.03
Solving multivariable equations (15)Multiple Choice2015.01.03
Simple guess and check (5)Slides2015.01.03
Diamond problems (21)Slides2015.01.03
Writing equations from a table (16)Slides2015.01.03
Simplifying expressions (15)Multiple Choice2015.01.03
Writing equations of lines given two points (16)Slides2015.01.03
Writing equations of lines given slope and a point (16)Slides2015.01.02
Writing systems of equations from word problems (9)Slides2015.01.02
Solving systems of equations with elimination (18)Slides2015.01.02
Finding slope - word problems (16)Slides2015.01.02
Finding slope - tables (16)Slides2015.01.02
Finding slope - through two points (16)Slides2015.01.02
Finding slope - graph (16)Slides2015.01.02