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What to do if ThatQuiz won't display
  1. ThatQuiz uses https.
    Make sure that your school allows https traffic to and from
  2. ThatQuiz gets content from many servers. Make all of the following TRUSTED SITES for the web browser and your school's proxy server:
  3. Enable Javascript. Javascript is built into all the supported browsers, and does not require you to install anything additional. But Javascript may have been manually disabled by someone. Enable it. Follow the documentation for your specfic browser.
    Javascript appears to be disabled in this browser!
  4. Your web browser may be configured badly or may be obsolete. Try a new install.
    ThatQuiz is tested extensively with all of the above. We can recommend the latest versions of any of the above browsers, but we also recommend trying something different from what you currently have installed.
  5. For Internet Explorer, configure the browser to always use HTTP 1.1, even when behind a proxy. Look under Tools->Options->Advanced->HTTP 1.1 settings.
  6. If using a different browser doesn't help, your problem is likely to be network or security related. Schools often have high levels of network security which accidentally block some content. Configure your firewall to accept all ThatQuiz content and to explicitly allow:
    Content-Encoding: gzip
    Content-Type: text/javascript application/x-javascript
  7. Does your school use the Barracuda web filter or another filter? Barracuda may mistakenly block content from or our content delivery network on Talk to your school's network or systems administrator.
  8. Allow cookies. Follow the documentation for your browser.
  9. Email
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