• 1. Samuel wants to invite his friends to the cinema for his birthday. An entry to the cinema costs $15.50 per child. How many friends could Samuel invite to the cinema if he has $90 to spend?
A) 4
B) 5
C) 6
D) 7
  • 2. Order these events from least likely to occur to most likely to occur.   A. A telephone being used by somebody in Australia in the next 5 mins. B. Sydney being hit by a Tsunami next weekend. C. Flipping a coin and landing with ‘heads’ showing. D. Rolling a die and landing on the number 6.
A) C D B A
B) B D A C
C) A B C D
D) B D C A
  • 3. Which one of the following volumes can represent an average high school student’s rectangular lunchbox?
A) 3000 cm3
B) 30 000 cm3
C) 3000 mm3
D) 30 000 mm3
  • 4. Ben can paint a small building in 4 days, Charlie can paint a small building in 4 days and Denim can paint a small building in 2 days. How many days will it take them to paint the building, if they work together?
A) 2 days
B) 4 days
C) 1 day
D) Half a day
  • 5. The price of coffee was $50 per kilogram and then decreased by 20% in May. At the end of June, the price of coffee increased by 20%. What is the price per kilogram for coffee at the end of June?
A) $48
B) $60
C) $50
D) $52
  • 6. The graph above shows the average number of milligrams of vitamin C in every 100g of certain fruits and vegetables. Which contains the second highest amount of vitamin C per 100g?
A) Cabbages
B) Cauliflowers
C) Pineapples
D) Black currents
  • 7. The timetable below shows the TV programs on the ABC for one day. How long does the program Mixy go for?
A) 7:30
B) 2.5 hours
C) 10:00
D) 2.3 hours
  • 8. Emma deposited $2 000 into a new bank account. After one year, her savings had increased by 20%. To celebrate, Emma spent 20% of her savings. How much money was left in her account?
A) $1 800
B) $2 400
C) $2 000
D) $1 920
  • 9. A man wants to fit a new door. If the door frame is 2m 5cm high and the new door is 2.09m long, how much will he have to cut off the door?
A) 2.91 cm
B) 4 cm
C) 4.1 m
D) 41 cm
  • 10. The speedometer above shows an estimate of the braking distance of a car for speeds up to 160 kilometres per hour. The innermost scale shows the speed in metres per second. Select the true statement from the following.
A) A car travelling at 70 km/h has a speed of 29.1 m/s.
B) A car travelling at 25 m/s requires 90 metres braking distance.
C) A car travelling at 120 km/h requires 85.5 metres braking distance.
D) A car travelling at 8.3 m/s has a speed of 5.3 km/hr.
  • 11. In the diagram below, the line connecting the height and weight intersects the middle line at the surface area of the body. Select the most accurate statement from the following:
A) The tallest person has the largest surface area.
B) Julie weighs 100 kg and her surface area is almost 2 square metres.
C) Mila weighs 180 kg and has a surface area between 1.8 and 1.9 square metres.
D) Mila has a larger surface area than Bronwyn, however Bronwyn is taller.
  • 12. An athlete runs 20 laps a day round a running track that is 500 metres in circumference. How many kilometres does he run every fortnight?
A) 14 km
B) 100 km
C) 10 km
D) 140 km
  • 13. Paul has run 18.48 km in a charity fun run. John ran 1600 metres less. How far did John run?
A) 18.32 km
B) 3.488 km
C) 2.48 km
D) 16.88 km
  • 14. The high and low tides for coastal river are shown in the following table over a period of 3 days (times are given in 24-hour time). The biggest rise in water level from low-tide to high tide occurs on day 1. How long is the time period for the biggest change from low to high tide?
A) 6 hours and 38 minutes
B) 6 hours and 20 minutes
C) 6 hours and 12 minutes
D) 5 hours and 58 minutes
  • 15. Desmond earns $1700. He spends $400 on rent, and the ratio of his expenditure on food to transport is 3:1. He has $220 remaining after all expenses have been paid. How much did Desmond spend on transport?
A) $270
B) $810
C) $580
D) $360
  • 16. A pedestrian is given 20 seconds to cross a road 18m wide at the traffic lights. What is the slowest speed he can walk before the light turns red? (give your answer in m/min)
A) 0.9 m/min
B) 58 m/min
C) 6 m/min
D) 54 m/min
  • 17. James has an aquarium that can hold 72 litres of water. He wants to purchase a small fish called a green neon tetra. The woman at the pet store told him that each green neon tetra requires 1500 millilitres of water. What is the maximum number of green neon tetra fish that James can have in this tank?
A) 4
B) 48
C) 2
D) 20
  • 18. The cost of sending a parcel from Sydney is calculated using the tables below. Table 1 is used to determine the Zone based on the postcode of the destination. Once the Zone has been determined, Table 2 is used with the weight of the parcel to determine the cost.   A 7.2 kg parcel was initially marked with a postcode of 1735 … but a typing error was detected! The correct postcode should have been 2735. What is the additional cost of postage required to correct this error?
A) $6.05
B) $2.40
C) $5.20
D) $11.25
  • 19. The following bar graph shows the results of a survey of people’s favourite AFL team: The percentage of people in the survey who preferred neither the Fremantle Dockers nor the West Coast Eagles is
A) 36
B) 28
C) 16
D) 20
  • 20. In a certain town, the ratio of left-handed people to right-handed people is 2:9. How many right-handed people would you expect in a group of 132?
A) 13
B) 108
C) 12
D) 121
  • 21. Taylor has x dollars. John has twice as much money as Taylor and Allan has one and a half times as much money as John. If John has $90.00, how much money does Taylor have?
A) 45
B) 135
C) 180
D) 90
  • 22. What is the value of the 3 in the number 23 148
A) 30
B) 3
C) 30 000
D) 3000
  • 23. Which container has the most liquid?
A) c
B) b
C) a
D) d
  • 24. Which pair of measurements are the same?
A) 32cm 3 200mm
B) 1800mm 18cm
C) 2km200 000mm
D) 9m900cm
  • 25. Sam used his calculator to help him add up the groceries. The calculator showed 127.8 How much does Sam need to pay for the groceries? 127 dollars and ____________ cents?
A) 8
B) 0.8
C) 0.08
D) 80
  • 26. Which whole number is closest to 27 199?
A) 26 999
B) 27 991
C) 27 919
D) 27 109
  • 27. Anne wrote the following: Starting with 748 she increased the tens digit by 1. Which of the following is Anne’s new number?
A) 7841
B) 758
C) 848
D) 749
  • 28. Which of the numbers below is ten less than 3009?
A) 3019
B) 3099
C) 2999
D) 2009
  • 29. Which number is between 784 and 843?
A) 834
B) 783
C) 847
D) 777
  • 30. Each of the spinners above are spun 100 times
A) a
B) c
C) d
D) b
  • 31. The passengers on a train were asked why they travelled by train. Each reason, along with the percentage of passengers who gave that reason, is displayed in the segmented bar chart below. The percentage of passengers who gave the reason "no car" is closest to:
A) 74%
B) 14%
C) 18%
D) 88%
  • 32. The volume of water that is stored in a tank over a 24 hour period is shown in the graph below. What is the difference in the volume of water (in litres) in the tank between 8am and 6pm?
A) 400
B) 50
C) 100
D) 200
  • 33. The volume of water that is stored in a tank over a 24 hour period is shown in the graph below. The rate of increase in the volume of water in the tank (in litres/hour) between 8am and 10am is
A) 150
B) 75
C) 50
D) 37.5
  • 34. The graph on the right displays data collected at a school on the number of students in each Year group who own a mobile phone. In which year do 60% of the students own mobile phones?
A) 10
B) 7
C) 8
D) 9
  • 35. Which letter represents the position of 3/4 on the number line below?
A) c
B) b
C) d
D) a
  • 36. The height of an elephant is 192cm. Vera is 5/6 of the height of the elephant. What is Vera’s height?
A) 186cm
B) 187cm
C) 160cm
D) 32cm
  • 37. The population of Australia in 2015 was 23 747 806. How many people is that to the nearest million?
A) 24 000 000
B) 23 748 000
C) 20 000 000
D) 23 000 000
  • 38. Sally had to sell a book of 50 raffle tickets. She sold the same amount each day. She managed to sell them all. Which of these amounts could be the amount that she sold each day?
A) 3
B) 5
C) 4
D) 6
  • 39. A recipe requires 2/3 cup of flour. Bree makes double the recipe. How many cups of flour does she use?
A) 1 1/4
B) 1 1/2
C) 4/3
D) 4/6
  • 40. Jacob has 24 water glasses and 8 wine glasses. What fraction of the glasses are wine glasses?
A) 1/12
B) 1/2
C) 1/3
D) 1/4
  • 41. Perth is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich in England. Cape Town is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich. What is the time in Cape Town when it is 1pm in Perth?
A) 11pm
B) 7pm
C) 7am
D) 3am
  • 42. The table above shows the number of handbags sold by a store in Paris. What percentage of the total sales were made in Winter?
A) 60%
B) 28%
C) 20%
D) 24%
  • 43. A survey was conducted where people were asked which of two brands of smartphones they preferred. The results were: 48% preferred Brand X 52% preferred Brand Y A graph displaying the results is to be included in a magazine article. The editor of the magazine wishes to ensure that the graph is not misleading in any way. Which of the graphs on the right should the editor choose to include in the article?
A) a
B) d
C) c
D) b
  • 44. Sally likes to make a mix of almonds and raisins to eat when she is sitting at her desk studying. The carbohydrate and protein content of these foods is shown in the table. If Sally makes a mix of 200 g of almonds with 100 g raisins, how much protein will it contain?
A) 0.24g
B) 28g
C) 120g
D) 44g
  • 45. The following bar chart shows the distribution of wind directions recorded at a weather station at 9.00 am on each of 214 days in 2011. According to the bar chart, the percentage of the 214 days on which the wind direction was observed to be east or south-east is closest to:
A) 33%
B) 10%
C) 25%
D) 16%
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