AIC SS 2 Civic Education 3rd Term Exam 2022/23
  • 1. 1. An association of like minded persons with the aim of controlling political power is ______
A) Government
B) Machineries
C) Pressure groups
D) Political Party
  • 2. 2. National integrity demands for the following except ____
A) Tolerance
B) Honesty
C) Trustworthiness
D) Insecerity
  • 3. 3. When an individual lives below economy level and could not get the basic necessities of life, the situation is referred to as _____
A) Poverty
B) Lack of funds
C) Development
D) Insufficiency
  • 4. 4. Which of the following is a way of acquiring citizenship
A) Marriage
B) All of the above
C) By birth
D) Honorary
  • 5. 5. Which of the following is a type of poverty ?
A) Abject
B) Relevant
C) Abnormal
D) Absolute
  • 6. 6. A situation where most people fail to vote in election could be described as political _____
A) Apathy
B) Socialization
C) Legitimacy
D) Culture
  • 7. 7. In Nigeria, public servants are expected to be _____
A) Ambitious
B) Non - partisan
C) Political
D) Apolitical
  • 8. 8. The principle that public servants can not be held responsible for their official actions denotes ____
A) Anonymity
B) Neutrality
C) Impartiality
D) Accountability
  • 9. 9. Political apathy often leads to _____
A) Low literacy level
B) Political stability
C) Low level of participation
D) Good governance
  • 10. 10. The right of an individual to seek redress in a law court is categorised under _____
A) Social
B) Procedural
C) Economic
D) Political
  • 11. 11. A major factor responsible for human trafficking is ____
A) Greed
B) Illiteracy
C) Joblessness
D) Hunger
  • 12. 12. The effect of human trafficking on the victims is _____
A) Exposure
B) Illiteracy
C) Affluence
D) Exploitation
  • 13. 13. The Supreme Court of Nigeria helps in law _____
A) Enforcement
B) Interpretation
C) Drafting
D) Application
  • 14. 14. Rule of law is limited by the following except _____
A) Immunity
B) State of emergency
C) Iliteracy
D) Habeas corpus
  • 15. 15. Which of the following is not a form of political participation?
A) Ballot box stuffing during election
B) Joining political party
C) Voting during elections
D) Taking part in voters registration exercise
  • 16. 16. Civil society perform the following roles during general elections except _____
A) Stimulating participants
B) Serving as watchdog
C) Counting votes
D) Educating the voters
  • 17. 17. Which of the following is not an example of civil society groups?
A) Transition Monitoring Group
B) United Action for Democracy
C) Amnesty International
D) United Nations Organization
  • 18. 18. Rule of law can be defined as ____
A) Independence of the different arms of government
B) Giving preferential treatment to the rich
C) Giving special treatment to leaders
D) Equality of citizens before the law
  • 19. 19. Which of these is not a factor responsible for active participation in politics
A) Attainment of basic needs
B) Fulfillment of electoral promises
C) Free and fair election
D) Ignorance among the populace
  • 20. 20. Popular participation in politics means _____
A) Active involvement of under-aged citizens
B) Active involvement of greater number of qualified citizens
C) Active involvement of all privileged citizens
D) Active involvement of all citizens
  • 21. 21. Which of these government agencies is responsible for curbing human trafficking?
  • 22. 22. A non governmental organization that allows independent initiative of citizens is known as _____
A) Pressure group
B) Professional society
C) Civil society
D) Religious group
  • 23. 23. Trafficked individuals are likely to have been ____
A) Hardworking and courageous
B) Corrupt and greedy
C) Dangerous and heartless
D) Traumatized and stigmatized
  • 24. 24. Trafficked children are likely to experience all the following except _____
A) Prostitution
B) Empowerment
C) Unwanted pregnancy
D) Forced labour
  • 25. 25. What do human traffickers use to instill fear into their victims?
A) Intimidation
B) Confrontation
C) Exploitation
D) Elimination
  • 26. 26. The principle of rule of law is upheld in the society in order to ______
A) Preserve customs and tradition of the society
B) Protect the citizens from arbitrary rule
C) Accord immunity to the president
D) Encourage mass literacy and prosperity
  • 27. 27. Forms of civil society include the following
A) Trade union, faith-based groups
B) Self reliant based, Manipulative based
C) Traditional based, talent skills based
D) Institutional based, Performance based
  • 28. 28. Functions and need for civil society include ______
A) They assist in formulation of policies
B) Limit and control of the power of state
C) Carries out research in new areas of government policies
D) Keep records of government properties
  • 29. 29. The form of political participation which requires the direct physical presence of participants in political issues is _____
A) Traditional mode
B) Presence mode
C) Modern mode
D) Popular mode
  • 30. 30. Problems of rule of law include all but one
A) Openness of the law
B) Strike actions
C) Partial judiciary
D) Unlawful arrests, detention and torture
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