Businesss Studies JSS 1 (3rd Assessment)
  • 1. There are _______ grades of clerks
A) seven
B) four
C) five
D) three
  • 2. A clerk must always come to the office on time and must not leave the office to go about visiting friends
A) Incorrect
B) false
C) He or she can
D) True
  • 3. A clerk must keep his or her office clean and tidy all the time.
A) It is not mandatory to keep the office clean
B) True
C) He or she can liter the floor
D) False
  • 4. A clerk must not make noise in the office and must close doors gently while coming in or going out of the office
A) Noise making and shocking is sometimes allowed
B) He or she can bang the door while going out
C) False
D) True
  • 5. ___________ is a person who files letters, keeps records and does other jobs
A) A policeman
B) A guard
C) A clerical staff
D) A thief
  • 6. An/ A __________ is a room in an organization set aside for clerical activities
A) office
B) parlour
C) reception
D) house
  • 7. The ____________ is the centre of all the clerical activities of the organization
A) restrooms
B) office
C) class
D) school
  • 8. Which is the study of the component parts of a business environment?.
A) Business matters
B) Business environ
C) Business studies
D) Business entity
  • 9. ___________ is one of the component parts of a business environment
A) school
B) Al - kaamil High school
C) Office practice
D) Al- Ameen College
  • 10. Which of the following are examples of components of business studies except
A) Commerce
B) Anatomy
C) Office practice
D) Book- keeping
  • 11. Business studies is important because it teaches how the office functions, how to keep documents and how to own and run small business enterprise.
A) uncertain
B) True
C) false
D) all of the above
  • 12. The following are examples of career opportunities in business studies except
A) Accountant
B) Banker
C) Pharmacist
D) Adminstrator
  • 13. _________ involves the safe- keeping of records.
A) Processing
B) Giving
C) Recording
D) Storing information
  • 14. There are _______ basic functions of an office
A) five
B) seven
C) six
D) ten
  • 15. ______________ is an example of different offices in an organization
A) Tout in the garage
B) Administrative office
C) Mallam Audu tomato seller
D) all of the above
  • 16. The process of receiving letters , telephone calls, fax, e-mail is one of the basic functions of an office called
A) Arranging information
B) Giving information
C) Receiving information
D) Processing information
  • 17. _____________ is one who has the basic education in addition to some qualifications and job experience.
A) Senior clerk
B) Clerical officer
C) Junior clerk
D) Clerical assistant
  • 18. A clerk must always come to the office on time.
A) True
B) Not every time
C) False
D) Truancy sometimes
  • 19. A __________ is a person that files letters, keeps records and does other jobs in an office.
A) conductor
B) Cobbler
C) pilot
D) clerical staff
  • 20. Secret is another word for
A) Confidentiality
B) Confidence
C) Confederation
D) Conference
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