• 1. The price of a refrigerator is marked as $2000. What would be the sale price after a discount of 25%?
A) $1500
B) $1700
C) $1200
D) $1800
  • 2. Stefan counted nineteen halves. What number is equal to nineteen halves?
A) 10
B) 18
C) 4 1/2
D) 9 1/2
  • 3. 1/5 of a flock of birds are 10. How many birds are in the whole flock?
A) 2
B) 48
C) 50
D) 5
  • 4. Jason and Ryan shared a bag of lollies. Jason ate 1/4 of the bag and Ryan ate 1/5 as much as Jason. What fraction of the bag of lollies did Ryan eat?
A) 3/4
B) 1/6
C) 1/12
D) 1/20
  • 5. Lynda had filled 60 L of unleaded petrol in her car at the beginning of the week. About how much is left in the tank now?
A) 45
B) 20
C) 30
D) 50
  • 6. Randy’s grandma likes Ginger Nut biscuits. His recipe to make 8 Ginger Nut biscuits requires: □ 2 tablespoons of golden syrup □ 3 teaspoons of ground ginger □ 1/4 tablespoons of butter □ 1/2 cup brown sugar □ 1/3 cup of plain flour If he used 2 cups of brown sugar, how many Ginger Nut biscuits can he make for his grandma?
A) 32
B) 24
C) 40
D) 16
  • 7. Natasha’s heart beats at 70 beats per minute and pumps 0.05 L of blood per beat. How much blood would her heart pump per minute?
A) 0.35 L
B) 35 L
C) 350 L
D) 3.5 L
  • 8. Ayesha takes 20 minutes to get ready and 15 minutes to walk to Crown Perth – Burswood Park. She needs to be at William Street by 4pm. What is the latest time she must start to get organised to be on time?
A) 2:10pm
B) 2:30pm
C) 2:00pm
D) 2:20pm
  • 9. Marco lives in Fremantle and he has to attend his first lecture at 9am. It takes him 10 minutes to walk to the Fremantle bus station and he catches circle route 99 (refer to table given above). What is the latest time he can leave home to be on time for his lecture at Curtin University?
A) 7:48am
B) 7:38am
C) 7:45am
D) 8:50am
  • 10. The normal price of unleaded petrol at Star Mart is $1.22 per litre. Rob has a voucher that offers a saving of 4 c per litre. How much does he pay per litre?
A) $1.20
B) $1.14
C) $1.18
D) $1.16
  • 11. Blake’s heart beats at 70 beats per minute and pumps 0.04 L of blood per beat. How much blood would his heart pump for 2 minutes?
A) 28 L
B) 0.28 L
C) 5.6 L
D) 0.56 L
  • 12. Johnson bought a cake mixer for his wife from Harvey Norman. The marked price was $700 and the sales assistant gave him a discount of 30%. How much did Johnson pay?
A) $560
B) $490
C) $670
D) $490
  • 13. Lubin bought a television from Good Guys. The marked price was $900 and the sales assistant gave him a discount of 20%. How much did Lubin pay?
A) $810
B) $880
C) $700
D) $720
  • 14. The price of a kitchen cabinet is listed at $1000. After a discount of 20% the cabinet still costs double the factory price. What is the factory price?
A) $900
B) $500
C) $400
D) $800
  • 15. Maria wanted to send a gift parcel for her niece through Australia Post. The cost of posting a parcel is based on the weight of the parcel. What will it cost to send a parcel that is 750 g?
A) $8
B) $10
C) $25
D) $4
  • 16. The long hand form of 2.356 x 107 would be:
A) 235600000
B) 2356
C) 23560000
D) 23560000000
  • 17. The long hand form of 2.356 x 10-5 would be:
A) 0.02356
B) 0.00002356
C) 0.000002356
D) 0.2356
  • 18. Joshua and Alexia have $240 between them. Joshua has twice as much as Alexia. How much does Joshua have?
A) $200
B) $120
C) $160
D) $80
  • 19. The length of a movie is 135 minutes. The start time is 2:15pm. What time would the movie finish?
A) 4:15pm
B) 3:45pm
C) 3:30pm
D) 4:30pm
  • 20. A set of traffic lights is green for 1/3 the time, orange for 1/3 the time and red for the rest. What fraction of the time is red?
A) 7/12
B) 5/12
C) 4/12
D) 1/12
  • 21. Total surface area of a cube is 2400 m2. How long is each side?
A) 20 m
B) 240 m
C) 200 m
D) 24 m
  • 22. A builder measures a room as 4.3 m and 3 m, but when he gets into the tile store they want the measurements in millimetres. Which of these would be the correct dimensions?
A) 43 mm x 30 mm
B) 4300 mm x 3000 mm
C) 430 mm x 30 mm
D) 4300 mm x 300 mm
  • 23. Total surface area of a cube is 600 m2. How long is each side?
A) 20 m
B) 10 m
C) 100 m
D) 60 m
  • 24. A set of traffic lights is green for 1/2 the time, orange for 1/5 the time and red for the rest.
A) 3/10
B) 1/10
C) 7/10
D) 5/10
  • 25. Joyal likes to make shortbread biscuits for Sunday morning tea. Her recipe to make 10 biscuits requires: □ 2 tablespoons of golden syrup □ 1/4 tablespoons of butter □ 2/3 cup caster sugar □ 3/5 cup of plain flour □ 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract If she used 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract, how many biscuits can she make?
A) 20
B) 40
C) 16
D) 30
  • 26. The length of a movie is 125 minutes. The finish time is at 2:45pm. What time would the movie start?
A) 12:45pm
B) 12:35pm
C) 12:40pm
D) 1:30pm
  • 27. Annalise had filled 40 L of unleaded petrol for her car at the beginning of the week. About how much is left in the tank now?
A) 20
B) 10
C) 30
D) 15
  • 28. Choose the correct shape with the following conditions: Nonagon Two acute angles Three right angles
A) c
B) d
C) a
D) b
  • 29. Choose the correct shape with the following conditions: Do-decagon Four acute angles Two right angles
A) b
B) a
C) d
D) c
  • 30. Joshua received $50 for his birthday. He spent 75% of his money on a computer game and decided to donate the rest to charity. How much money did Joshua donate?
A) $12.50
B) $25
C) $6
D) $37.50
  • 31. Looking at the diagram above, which is the correct formula?
A) x2 = 202 + 182
B) x2 = 182 - 202
C) 20 = x2 + 182
D) x2 = 202 - 182
  • 32. Twenty minutes to five in the afternoon would be written as:
A) 5:20am
B) 4:40pm
C) 5:20pm
D) 4:40am
  • 33. Students in a particular class at the New Age High School only do English homework one night a week. A survey found that last week, no students did English homework on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night and that every student did homework on just one night. The survey also found that half the class did their English homework on Tuesday night.   What fraction of the class did their English homework on Monday night?
A) 3
B) 5/10
C) 1/6
D) 1/4
  • 34. When packing away a sunshade it is important to count the number of joiners and pipes, to make sure none are lost. With the sunshade drawn above, how many joiners, and how many pipes should be counted.
A) 4, 4
B) 3, 8
C) 3, 7
D) 5, 11
  • 35. Sarah’s track practice started at 9:30am. Sarah practised running relays for 45 minutes. Then she practised the long jump for 1 hour. What time did Sarah’s track practice end?
A) 10:15am
B) 12:45pm
C) 11:15am
D) 11:00am
  • 36. Jason is travelling in NSW and wants to attend a football game in Sydney. He thinks he needs to be at Sydney (Central) before 2:00pm. He is currently in Bathurst, and looks up the train timetable: What is the latest time Jason can leave Bathurst to be in Sydney in time for the football game?
A) 9:44am
B) 10:16am
C) 8:59am
D) 7:29am
  • 37. Sneeze A lot Pty Ltd produce paper tissues in boxes that measure 16cm by 5cm by 4cm. They plan to pack these boxes in a 10 – box plastic covered module for sale to shops. What is the volume of this module?
A) 1440 cm3
B) 3200 cm3
C) 250 cm3
D) 320 cm3
  • 38. Tara talks the sales assistant in a boutique into discounting a $320 leather jacket by $40. What was the percentage discount Tara secured?
A) 33.33333%
B) 12.5%
C) 25%
D) 14.25%
  • 39. A discount store buys a shipment of marble sculptures at a cost of $100 each. The sculptures will be sold for $191 each. What will the profit be, as a percentage?
A) 66%
B) 91%
C) 52%
D) 48%
  • 40. Paul left his home and walked south. He then turned left at the first street and turned right at the next street. The first place he came to was the:
A) School
B) Cinema
C) Post Office
D) Hospital
  • 41. What temperature is shown by this part of a thermometer?
A) 33◦C
B) 31.5◦C
C) 27◦C
D) 23.5◦C
  • 42. This column graph shows the number of students who play different sports, in winter. Which of these statements is true?
A) Twice as many students play football compared to soccer.
B) Hockey is the favourite sport.
C) Ten more students play hockey compared to swimming.
D) More students play hockey than netball.
  • 43. Jennifer was working on the following maths problem. Jennifer said, “My answer is 9/16m from the ground.” The Teacher asked, “But how far off the ground would that be?” What would you say? I think 9/16m would be about…
A) The height of a table
B) The height of your chair seat
C) The height of the doorway … from the ground.
D) The height of a milk carton
  • 44. Peter has an old set of spanners in his toolbox that he is trying to sort out. They are in an old method of measuring called Imperial and are listed as fractions of an inch. The measurements are printed on the side of the spanner. Which spanner is the smallest one?
A) 3/4
B) 1/2
C) 3/16
D) 5/8
  • 45. On Tuesday, Pam went to the cheesecake shop and bought a large cheesecake with boysenberries on top. When she took it home, she ate 1/4 of it straight away. When the rest of the family came home, another 2/3 was eaten.   How much was left for Pam to eat the next day?
A) 2/3
B) 1/4
C) 11/12
D) 1/12
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