• 1. It is define as the action or process of teaching someone in school, college or university.
  • 2. An education practice that places students with disabilities in the general education along with typically developing children.
  • 3. What is the blue print that were developed by the United Nation to ensure a better and a sustainable future for everyone?
  • 4. What model of disability that sees PWD as having deficits, then justify the need to seek professional help in the aim of reintegrating the disabled into society?
  • 5. It is one of the goal to ensure and equitable education and promote lifelong opportunities for all.
  • 6. According to sociological response, this occurs as a result of society's lack of understanding of individual differences.
  • 7. An act to promote equal rights and previleges of PWDs on employment, health, accessibility, political, and civil rights.
  • 8. What model of disability state that disability is equated with sin, evilness and ineptness.
  • 9. An act promotes atleast 1% of all government agencies, offices, corps shall be reserved for PWDs.
  • 10. What model of disability state that disability is seen as a medical problem that resides in the individual?
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