PAS 1 B.INGGRIS KLS 6 2020/2021
  • 1. complete this sentence! Rigel : Hi, Faza. This is my cousin, Fadil. Faza : Hi, Fadil. Nice to meet you Fadil : Nice to meet you too faza. Any way ........? Fadil : I live at rapak indah street.
A) How are you?
B) Where do you live?
C) Where you go?
D) What is your name?
  • 2. Jane : I have to go now, Salsa. Salsa : Ok, Jane. ....... Jane : Good bye
A) nice to meet you too
B) good bye
C) you're welcome
D) good luck
  • 3. This animal has spots and tail. It loves meat and can run very fast. What animal is it?
A) Lion
B) Giraffe
C) cheetah
D) Cat
  • 4. Ruri and Dina are siblings but they has different hobby. Ruri like cooking, she always helps her mother to cook for their family. And Dina likes singing and dancing but she dislike cooking. Does Dina likes cooking?
A) Yes, she does
B) Yes, she is
C) No, she is not
D) No, she does not
  • 5. This is primate and usually lives in the forest. It has two hands, two legs and a tail. It loves bananas, and can jump from a tree to another tree. It is a …
A) deer
B) panda
C) monkey
D) squirrel
  • 6. hello friends my name is Bimo. I likes study English. I often follow English competitions as a representative from school. And I am the first winner at last speech contest. What is Bimo?
A) He is a student
B) He is a singer
C) He is a librarian
D) He is a teacher
  • 7. Last holiday, me and my family ...... Transport Batu museum.
A) visits
B) visited
C) does visit
D) doesn't visit
  • 8. Andi is 165 cm tall. Donna is 167 cm tall. So, Donna is …… than Andi
A) shorter
B) taller
C) tallest
D) shortest
  • 9. The grape is . . . . of the fruits above.
A) more expansive
B) cheaper
C) cheapest
D) most expansive
  • 10. Randi : The bag you bring looks very heavy ....... Santi : Sure. It’s very kind of you. Thanks.
A) Do you like to go with me?
B) Would you like to help me?
C) Do you like a cup of coffe?
D) Would you like me to help you?
  • 11. Farsa : Geri, come here please! Geri : Yes, I'm coming. Farsa : fix the bicycle? Geri : Of course, I can.
A) May I help you
B) Don’t help
C) Can you help me
D) Can I help you
  • 12. Doni : Excuse me ....... where is the library? Sandra : Go straight and turn left, library next to canteen.
A) Can you tell me
B) Can you bring me
C) Can I help you
D) can you pass me
  • 13. Andi : Can you show me the way to police station? Lia : Sure, ..........
A) go straight on the crossroad turn left
B) go straight on the crossroad u turn
C) go straight until the crossroad
D) go straight on the crossroad turn right
  • 14. Ardi: How ..... your holiday? Budi : It was great.
A) were
B) was
C) are
D) is
  • 15. Bella is so cute, she has a long .... blonde hair.
A) curly
B) long
C) strong
D) straight
  • 16. Mother : Don’t …… spicy food too much! You will get stomachache. Salma: Ok, mom
A) look
B) eat
C) touch
D) drink
  • 17. There are pan, knife, stove. Where is it?
A) bedroom
B) living room
C) bathroom
D) kitchen
  • 18. This room is usually used to spent family time. there are sofa, table, and television. What room is it?
A) bedroom
B) bathroom
C) kitchen
D) living room
  • 19. Lia: Doni do you know when is heroes day commemoration? Doni: of course, on tenth of November. the number of date is….
A) 30th
B) 1st
C) 20th
D) 10th
  • 20. My name is Risa. I am twelve years old. I was born in Samarinda, on March twenty eighth two thousand and eight. I have a one brother. His name is Caisar. He was born in Balikpapan, on November twenty first four years ago. He is so cute and I love my brother so much. When is Caisar birth date?
A) On November, 21st 2016
B) On March, 21st 2008
C) On March, 28th 2008
D) On November, 28th 2016
  • 21. Twenty five plus sixteen is …
A) Forty one
B) thirty
C) Forty
D) thirty one
  • 22. Nanda : Do you buy some candies, liam? Liam : Yes, I buy ten candies. And you? Nanda : I have fifteen candies. So how many candies do we have now?
A) fifty five
B) twenty five
C) thirty five
D) forty five
  • 23. When you see this traffic sign means you have to...
A) u turn
B) go straight
C) turn right
D) turn left
  • 24. Amelia : where is the book store? Zafran : the book store is .....
A) behind hospital
B) across post office
C) beside hospital
D) in front of toy shop
  • 25. Does Batu Transport museum open on 25th December?
A) No, it does not
B) Yes, it does
C) No, it is not
D) yes, it is
  • 26. Who is the sender of this letter?
A) papa bear
B) Goldilocks
C) The bear family
D) baby bear
  • 27. Fajar : When did you go last holiday? Ami : I went to Borobudur ..... with my family.
A) museum
B) beach
C) temple
D) mountain
  • 28. A squirrel has a long thick tail. The antonym of long is ....
A) short
B) big
C) small
D) tall
  • 29. Dad : take a bath and eat you breakfast before go to school! Fidel : all right, dad What does Dad command to Rigel?
A) turn on the lamp
B) go to school
C) have a breakfast
D) close the door
  • 30. Lina : why you look so sad, Risma? Risma : I get bad score on last english test. LIna : Don't..... sad Risma, you have to study better!
A) are
B) be
C) am
D) is
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