Wordly Wise - Lesson 4 - Test
  • 1. Nectar is
A) a sweet liquid from flowers.
B) a sweet liquid that bees make.
C) tiny drops of water.
D) hard candy.
  • 2. When curtains flutter, they
A) close.
B) flap.
C) fall down.
D) open.
  • 3. Which of these might have one or more spans?
A) a bridge
B) a monkey
C) a boulder
D) a tablecloth
  • 4. A border between two countries is a
A) meeting.
B) river valley.
C) battle.
D) dividing line.
  • 5. The house was an average house. This means it was
A) painted white.
B) not special or unusual in any way.
C) between two other houses.
D) two stories tall.
  • 6. Timber comes from
A) flowers.
B) tree trunks.
C) cereal.
D) leaves.
  • 7. A picture's border is its
A) edge.
B) artist.
C) colors.
D) style.
  • 8. To span a river is to
A) stretch from one side to the other.
B) swim in it.
C) travel many miles down the river.
D) paddle a canoe in it.
  • 9. About two hundred customers per night is the average for Marie's Restaurant. This means that
A) about two hundred customers come to the restaurant each night.
B) two hundred customers came to the restaurant on its very best night.
C) usually there are more customers at Marie's Restaurant.
D) usually there are fewer customers at Marie's Restaurant.
  • 10. Which of these could be called moisture?
A) tears
B) dust
C) cloth
D) rocks
  • 11. How do you find the average of 1, 2, and 3?
A) You add the three numbers and then subtract 3.
B) You add the three numbers. THe average is 6, the sum of 1, 2, and 3.
C) You add the three numbers then divide the sum by 3.
D) You multiply 1 by 2. Then you multiply 2 by 3. The average is 6.
  • 12. Which of these builds a cocoon?
A) a honeybee
B) a butterfly
C) a caterpillar
D) a moth
  • 13. Which of these could be timber?
A) an ocean
B) a city
C) a forest
D) a lake
  • 14. Which of these might be a pet cat's life span?
A) eighteen years
B) black and white
C) ten pounds
D) Missy
  • 15. Moist has the same meaning as
A) sad
B) warm
C) damp
D) cozy
  • 16. Which of these is not suitable for school?
A) a clean shirt
B) plain pants
C) new shoes
D) bare feet
  • 17. Which of these is a process?
A) a cookbook filled with delicious recipes
B) a pizza
C) following a recipe step-by-step
D) a restaurant cook
  • 18. Canada borders the United States. This means that Canada is
A) in the United States.
B) next to the United States.
C) like the United States.
D) smaller than the United States.
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