AIC JSS 2 Basic Science Exam - 3rd Term 2022/23
  • 1. _ is defined as the transfer of mature pollen from anthers of one flower to the mature stigma of the same or another flower
A) Reproduction
B) Digestion Human bein
C) Pollination
D) Respiration
  • 2. There are how bones in the human body?
A) 2600
B) 206
C) 26
D) 260
  • 3. What is the breakdown of large molecules of food into simple and absorbable form
A) Reproduction
B) Respiration
C) Digestion
D) Pollination
  • 4. The digestion of food in man ends in the _
A) Small intestine
B) Pharynx
C) Caecum
D) Anus
  • 5. The organ for sight is the _
A) Nose
B) Eyes
C) Skin
D) Mouth
  • 6. The salivary gland secretes saliva which contains an enzyme called?
A) Saliva
B) Maltose
C) Spit
D) Ptyalin
  • 7. Duodenum contains _
A) Saliva
B) Pancreas
C) Ptyalin
D) Ileum
  • 8. The following are conditions necessary for respiration except?
A) Respiratory organ
B) Respiration medium
C) Transport medium
D) Aerobic respiration
  • 9. The respiratory organ for fish is
A) Gills
B) Lungs
C) Fins
D) Body surface
  • 10. The sense organ that responds to touch is known as _
A) Nose
B) Skin
C) Eyes
D) Ear
  • 11. A molecule is formed when two or more atoms are _ joined together
A) Substance
B) Chemically
C) Physically
D) Ordinarily
  • 12. _ are atoms with the same atomic number but different mass number
A) Isotopes
B) Equation
C) Mass number
D) Atomic number
  • 13. One of the following is a separation techniques
A) Boiling
B) Sieving
C) Breaking
D) Aluming
  • 14. _ is the method of separating insoluble particles from liquid through the pores of the filter paper
A) Evaporation
B) Filtration
C) Sieving
D) Distillation
  • 15. Crude oil is separated by
A) Fractional distillation
B) Boiling
C) Sieving
D) Precipitation
  • 16. What is a compound in solution or molten form that conducts electric currents?
A) Anode
B) Electrolysis
C) Cathode
D) Electrolytes
  • 17. _ is a black organic rock formed from the carboniferous period
A) Coke
B) Electrodes
C) Coal
D) Electrolysis
  • 18. Electrolytes are classified into _ and _ electrolytes
A) Big,small
B) Old,new
C) Fragile,hard
D) Strong,weak
  • 19. Lignite is also known as _
A) Charcoal
B) Soft coal
C) Brown coal
D) Hard coal
  • 20. Coke is a violent residue of destructive distillation of coal
A) Impossible
B) No idea
C) False
D) True
  • 21. Which of the following factors does NOT affect the pressure of a gas?
A) Number of particles in the gas
B) Mass of the gas
C) Volume of the gas
D) Temperature of the gas
  • 22. Pascal is the SI unit of
A) Pressure
B) Density
C) Force
D) Energy
  • 23. The density of an object is calculated by dividing its
A) Pressure by its temperature
B) Mass by its volume
C) Temperature by its pressure
D) Volume by its mass
  • 24. What happens when two magnets with the same pole (north or south) are brought close to each other?
A) The effect depends on the size of the magnets
B) They become neutral
C) They repel each other
D) They attract each other
  • 25. Sound is produced by
A) Electrical energy
B) Magnetic energy
C) Mechanical vibrations
D) Light energy
  • 26. The pitch of a sound is determined by its
A) Frequency
B) Amplitude
C) Speed
D) Wavelength
  • 27. ......... is any of several devices with few or no moving parts that are used to modify motion in order to perform work
A) Force
B) Simple machine
C) Workdone
D) Friction
  • 28. ......... is a wheel chair that carries a flexible rope cord, cable, chain or belt on its iron
A) Lever
B) Screw
C) Pulley
D) Wedge
  • 29. If two objects are rubbed together, the object that losses electron becomes........
A) Charged neutrally
B) Negatively charged
C) Positively charged
D) Positively and negatively charged
  • 30. If two objects are rubbed together, the object that gains election becomes ........
A) Positively charged
B) Charged neutrally
C) Negatively charged
D) Positively and negatively charged
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