AIC ss2 fishery revision test 3rd term
  • 1. There is ban on the use of......... because they are not selective in killing
A) Nets
B) Chemical and explosives
C) Traps
D) Hooks
  • 2. Fishing is banned during..
A) Raining season
B) Dry season
C) Snow season
D) Harmattan season
  • 3. In fishing, land tax is introduced based on.....
A) buyers available
B) rivers in the area
C) Total numbers of fishermen available
D) Total catch and sizes of fish at landing sites
  • 4. ......... are usually out to sites to restricts sale of fishes which have unacceptable fish assessment
A) Consumer
B) Fishery personnel
C) Fishermen
D) Middlemen
  • 5. ........ is an abnormal condition or disorder of body structure and function that affects an organism
A) Respiration
B) Disease
C) Malfunction
D) Production
  • 6. Nutritional deficiencies of essential nutrients can lead to...... in a fish
A) increase in sales
B) Quick reproduction
C) Rapid growth
D) Disease
  • 7. High acidic, akaline water and low dissolved oxygen can cause the.......... of fish
A) Rapid growth
B) Death
C) Quick attraction
D) Quick reproduction
  • 8. To prevent fish disease,......
A) Protect fish with metallic object
B) Maintain good water quality at optimal level
C) Overfeed the fish
D) Overstock the pond
  • 9. When fish is hanging vertically in the water, it is a symptom of.....
A) Overfeeding
B) Disease
C) Labour
D) Happiness
  • 10. A fish pond should be well secured to prevent......
A) Buyers
B) Predators
C) Authorized persons
D) Opposite sex
  • 11. Predators are most silent in the.....
A) Afternoon
B) Morning
C) Night
D) Dry season
  • 12. It is advisable to build a/an...... Pond
A) Shallow
B) Deep
C) Narrow
D) Attractive
  • 13. Remove sick fish to
A) Kill and consume
B) A hospital tank for treatment
C) A sick bed for treatment
D) A bowl for quick sale
  • 14. .......... nets used to move sick fish
A) Double
B) Sell
C) Decorate
D) Disinfect
  • 15. Common fish disease symptoms include all except
A) Decaying fins
B) Swelling of head
C) Bulging eyes
D) Emergency labour
  • 16. ........ can be use to treat fish disease
A) Sugar
B) Soap
C) Salt
D) Sand
  • 17. Records are kept in fish farming for
A) Proper management of the fish farm
B) competition
C) Discourage buyer
D) Boost
  • 18. Log book contain the following information except
A) Location of pond
B) Marriage certificate
C) Pond ownership
D) Size of pond
  • 19. Fixed cost include all except
A) Fertilizers
B) Tanks
C) Equipments
D) Sand
  • 20. Example of variable cost is
A) Transportation
B) Farm structures
C) Tanks
D) Pumps
  • 21. Income statement is determined ....
A) After sales
B) When stocking
C) Before sales
D) When building the pond
  • 22. ....... helps the farmer to track his input and output
A) Records
B) Fertilizers
C) Predators
D) Securities
  • 23. In...... pond, male and female fishes are reared to lay together
A) Secondary
B) Rearing
C) Nursery
D) Growing
  • 24. Poly Culture means
A) Two or more species of fish
B) Fish of the same sex
C) One species of fish
D) Different sizes of fish
  • 25. Adding of calcium carbonate powder to the bottom of the pond help
A) To increase acidity
B) To reduce acidity
C) To increase sales
D) To increase water loss
  • 26. There should be regular supply of..... in pond management
A) Water
B) Medicines
C) Fish
D) Fertilizers
  • 27. Species of fish that can be stocked are all except
A) Carp
B) Catfish
C) Tilapia
D) Soyfish
  • 28. ........ is a body of water that has no salt
A) Holy water
B) Fresh water
C) Clean water
D) Marine water
  • 29. Example of salt water is....
A) Lakes
B) Swamps
C) Oceans
D) Springs
  • 30. In lagoon habitat, salinity is...... during the dry season
A) Moderate
B) Low
C) Disappeared
D) High
  • 31. The quantity of fry per unit water area is
A) Stocking density
B) Fertilization
C) Liming
D) Stocking
  • 32. One of these is not a natural food in the fish pond
A) Plankton
B) Worms
C) Terrestrial plants
D) Snail
  • 33. The following are fish feed ingredients of plant origin except
A) Rice bran
B) Maize meal
C) Bone meal
D) Cassava peel
  • 34. One of these is not a factor responsible for food spoilage
A) Weak muscle tissue
B) Moisture content of fish
C) Proper handling
D) Ambient temperature
  • 35. Fish meal, fish oil, fish mince are
A) Fish additives
B) Fish meals
C) Raw materials
D) By products
  • 36. Food shortage can be minimized by
A) Hoarding
B) Natural hazard
C) Efficient pest control services
D) Illegal exportation of farm produce
  • 37. The chief spoilage organisms on smoked fish are
A) Fungi
B) Virus
C) Mold
D) Bacteria
  • 38. Sexually mature aquatic organism is know as
A) Juvenile
B) Fingerlings
C) Broodstock
D) Ijebu size
  • 39. The spoilage in fish is accompanied by all except
A) Change in odour
B) Change in Colour
C) Change in texture
D) Chilling
  • 40. Fish lives entirely on______ and swim by the means of_______
A) Water, gills
B) Water, scales
C) Water, fins
D) Water, mouth
  • 41. Which of the following activities is part of pond maintenance?
A) Repairing of leakages
B) Construction of spill way
C) Impounding of water
D) Construction of monk
  • 42. The placing of fish in clean water for a short time to adjust to the environment is called
A) Fertilization
B) Conservation
C) Preservation
D) Acclimatization
  • 43. Species of fish who hatch the eggs inside their body and give birth to young living fish are called
A) Ovoviviparous fish
B) Angel sharks
C) Viviparous fish
D) Mammals
  • 44. The manipulation of sexually mature fish to spawn other than by natural means is called
A) Artificial reproduction
B) Natural reproduction
C) External fertilization
D) Internal fertilization
  • 45. Mature eggs appears …….. in colour
A) Yellowish
B) Brownish
C) Greenish
D) Whitish
  • 46. In sexual reproduction, a sperm unites with an egg in a process called
A) Artificial breeding
B) Ovulation
C) Sperm collation
D) Fertilization
  • 47. Egg is to female brood fish as ………. Is to male brood fish
A) Sperm
B) Testes
C) Semen
D) Milt
  • 48. Fertilized eggs of fish are called ______
A) Fry
B) Fish seed
C) Fingerlings
D) Hatchling
  • 49. Factors to be considered in selecting fish farm sites include all except
A) Closeness to school
B) Availability of fish to be cultured
C) Availability of labour
D) Closeness to market
  • 50. Reasons for fish processing include the following except
A) Add value to fish
B) Increase the shelf life of fish
C) Improve the taste of fish
D) Maintain fish in its fresh state
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