Volume and Surface Area 2018
14 in3
84 in3
61 in3
72 in2
What is the volume of this prism?
What is the total surface area of this shape?
What is the volume of this cylinder.

 A rectangular prism has a length of 8 units, a width

of 4 units, and a height of 2 units.  If only the height is

tripled, how does that affect the volume of the

rectangular prism?

The new prism is 2 times bigger

The new prism is 3 times bigger

The new prism is 8 times bigger

The new prism is 27 times bigger

Josselyn bought 2 boxes shaped like similar

rectangular prisms. The dimensions of the larger box

are the same except the height is doubled. If the smaller

box has a volume of 30 cubic inches, what is the volume

of the larger box? 


21 in2
122 in2
12 in2
122 in3
 What is the surface area of this box?
Kimberly is filling a cylinder shaped swimming pool that
has a diameter of 20 feet.  She fills it with water to a
depth of 3 feet.  How much water is in the swimming
388 cubic feet
942 cubic feet
2958 cubic feet
3768 cubic feet
For your first job after graduating from college, you are
in charge of develooping the packaging for the salt that
your company sells.  How much paper will he need to
completely cover each container of salt?
Zamir has a newspaper route.  Before he can deliver the
newspapers, he must completely cover the stack with
plastic wrap.  A diagram of the stack is below.  How
much plastic wrap does he need?
18 inch
966 square inches
1716 square inches
1932 square inches
5400 square inches
Determine how much candy would
 be needed to fill a glass jar
Determine how much frosting would
 be needed to cover a cake
Choose each situation that would use the application
of surface area: 
Determine how much ice would
 be needed to fill an ice bucket
Determine the amount of tape needed to cover a decorative box 
Henok has created a chocolate mold in the shape of 
heart. In order to determine how much chocolate will 
be needed to fill each mold, Henok will need to use the
formula for: 
surface area
Sky needs to know how much wrapping
 paper is needed to cover her moms birthday present
Velasco needs to know how much gas
 to order to fill his propane tank
Amanda needs to know how much sand
 she needs to fill her sandbox
Josue needs to know how much candy 
can fit inside of a container
Which situation would NOT require finding the volume?
Anthony wants to fill his pool. The height is 12.6mm, 
the width is 8mm and the length is 2mm. Which is the
closest to the minimum amount of water Anthony 
needs to fill it completely?
142 mm3
201.6 mm2
142 mm2
201.6 mm3
The volume of rectangular solid is 960 cubic inches. 
The dimensions of the base are12 inches by 10 inches. 
What is the height of the solid? 
8 in 
840 in 
12 in.
120 in 
4 in 
10 in. 
h ?
Bill is planting his spring flowers and needs to fill hiscylindrical planter half full with soil. If the height is 12 inches and the radius is 7 inches how many cubic inches does he need to fill the planter half way?
1846.32 in3
923.16 in3
835.24 in2
417.62 in2
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