Civic Education 3rd C.A. for SS 2
  • 1. A type of citizenship in which a foreigner is made the citizen of a country without fulfilling normal conditions for becoming the citizen of the country is called____
A) Honorary citizenship
B) Diplomatic citizenship
C) Citizenship by naturalization
D) Citizenship by registration
  • 2. A non citizen of a country is called __________
A) a refugee
B) an ambassador
C) a diplomat
D) an alien
  • 3. A legal member of a country with full constitutional rights is called___
A) an alien in a country
B) a citizen of a country
C) a foreigner in a country
D) a diplomat of a country
  • 4. All these are bad citizens except____
A) street urchins disturbing public peace
B) a citizen who pays taxes regularly
C) internet fraudsters
D) advance fee fraudsters
  • 5. Which of these will not make the leaders fail in protecting the interests of the citizens?
A) sensitivity to citizens problems
B) faithfulness to god fathers
C) greediness on the part of the leaders
D) mismanagement of public funds
  • 6. The situation where a person who is willing and able to work gets a befitting work to do is___
A) employer
B) employment
C) unemployment
D) employee
  • 7. When an individual lives below the economy level and could not get the basic necessities of life,the situation is referred to as____
A) slum
B) development
C) enjoyment
D) poverty
  • 8. Employment can help alleviate poverty through all these means except____
A) increasing the rate of crime
B) aiding industrial growth
C) provision of income for the family
D) improving the standard of living of the people
  • 9. The opposite of employment is____
A) productivity
B) unemployment
C) job
D) employed
  • 10. For national integrity to be achieved,it demands the following except___
A) honesty
B) trustworthiness
C) tolerance
D) insincerity
  • 11. A political party can be described as____
A) the conduct of government based on he number of parties
B) group of people who fight against government policies
C) a free association of the former colonial territories
D) an association of like-minded persons who organise themselves into a political group for the purpose of controlling political power and the administrative machinery of a state.
  • 12. The political party that is controlling the federal government of Nigeria today is___
  • 13. In Nigeria, general elections are conducted every___
A) 8 years
B) 3 years
C) 4 years
D) 2 years
  • 14. Which one is a type of citizenship?
A) citizenship by birth
B) honorary citizenship
C) All of the above
D) citizenship by marriage
  • 15. Which of these is not an importance of responsible parenthood?
A) It enhances unity in the society
B) It produces cultists and fraudsters
C) It produces responsible children who would build up the nation
D) It reduces conflict in the society
  • 16. One of these is a type of poverty.
A) absolute
B) effective
C) abnormal
D) relevant
  • 17. Poverty is of ___types.
A) 1
B) 2
C) 4
D) 3
  • 18. Poverty according to _____is a severe lack of well being that has various aspects.
C) World Bank
  • 19. Responsible parents are expected to___
A) beat the children everyday
B) show love and care to their children
C) fail to give the children good education
D) make the children hawk goods around
  • 20. _____poverty is a situation whereby a household income is not enough to provide food, shelter,and clothing.
A) solute
B) absolute
C) absolution
D) relative
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