English Language Grade 9
  • 1. Which of the following words is an adverb?
A) big
B) man
C) happily
D) good
  • 2. Pick out the adverb from this sentence. "The boy sang beautifully." Type your answer in the box.
  • 3. Which of the following is an adverb of time?
A) angrily
B) by 2 PM
C) at the restaurant
D) here
  • 4. I would study hard for the examination if I ……..you. 
A) am
B) I'm
C) were
D) was
  • 5. I cannot tell you ………… 
A) what about is the story 
B) what about is the story 
C) what about the story is 
D) what the story is about
  • 6. That troublesome friend of ………is here again. 
A) himself
B) he
C) him
D) his
  • 7. I told you to leave my office, …….I? 
A) wasn’t
B) don’t
C) aren’t
D) didn’t 
  • 8. Kofi travelled five days ………. 
A) now
B) ago
C) since
D) hence
  • 9. Kwame’s uncle, with his three friends, ………coming home tomorrow. 
A) would be
B) were
C) is
D) are
  • 10. The plane takes ……….at noon. 
A) on
B) of
C) off
D) from
  • 11. Human beings will not live forever, ………………? 
A) doesn't
B) will they
C) isn’t it 
D) Does it
  • 12. Let us have a cup of tea, ……………? 
A) do we
B) shall we
C) should we
D) would we
  • 13. Choose the one which is nearest in meaning to the word in bracket. The headteacher’s arrival in the classroom was (sudden).
A) unusual
B) strange
C) unexpected
D) quick
  • 14. It is (rude) to talk loudly in the presence of elderly people. 
A) impolite
B) unusual
C) improper
D) incorrect
  • 15. The pupils (grumbled) about the assignment. 
A) questioned
B) complained
C) bothered
D) qeuried
  • 16. Abla made an ass of herself at the party. This means that Abla behaved 
A) shamefully
B) uncontrollably
C) foolishly
D) unpleasantly
  • 17. A good novel or play both entertains and 
A) warns
B) condemns
C) teaches
D) preaches
  • 18. A genre is........
A) any kind of poetry
B) a subdivision of drama
C) another name for prose
D) any of the three forms of literature
  • 19. "The moon that walks beautifully across the sky" is an example of
A) Hyperbole
B) Personification
C) Metaphore
D) metaphor
  • 20. "Young lady, you are like An eagle feather worn by a husband"
A) Metaphore
B) Hyperbole
C) Alliteration
D) Simile
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