CCA 3rd C.A. for JS 1
  • 1. ……….. can be termed as value
A) Value
B) Intensity
C) Shade
D) Tone
  • 2. Colour, line texture, tone etc are ……….. of art
A) Importance
B) Elements
C) Origin
D) Principles
  • 3. Fine art can be defined as
A) Useful things
B) Beautiful things
C) Creative expression of skills and emotions in us
D) Decoration
  • 4. Art means
A) A hunter
B) A painter
C) A great man
D) Self expression
  • 5. Some who practices art is called
A) Artist
B) Painter
C) Scientist
D) Students
  • 6. Pencil is for drawing as brush is for ……..
A) Ink
B) Booming
C) Painting
D) Palette
  • 7. The two branches of Art are
A) Fine and applied art
B) Visual and music
C) Visual and non-visual
D) Painting and drawing
  • 8. Fabric, needle and loom are essential materials in
A) Sculpture
B) Drama
C) Textile design
D) Graphics design
  • 9. Drawing could be all but one of the following
A) Imaginative
B) Audio
C) Memory
D) Visual
  • 10. Identify the material that cannot be used in the place of calligraphic pens from the following
A) Pencils
B) Bamboo stick
C) Quill
D) Chalk
  • 11. Which of the following can be grouped under literary art?
A) Writing, poetry, literature
B) Dancing, textiles and drawing
C) Painting, architecture and singing
D) Sculpture, music, drama
  • 12. A short bench for sitting and holding drawing board in a drawing studio is called
A) Monkey bench
B) Drawing bench
C) Easel
D) Donkey stool
  • 13. Which type of line is best used to describe a ‘spark’ or ‘lightening’ effect?
A) Straight line
B) Wavy line
C) Zig-zag line
D) Curved lines
  • 14. Shapes derived from natural objects are referred to as
A) Non- representational shapes
B) Abstract shapes
C) Representational shapes
D) Irregular shapes
  • 15. The path of a moving point is
A) Line
B) Colour
C) Texture
D) Form
  • 16. Drawing and painting serves as
A) Decorative purpose
B) Organized sounds
C) Applied art
D) Functional purpose
  • 17. Another name for ceramics is
A) Pottery
B) Carving
C) Graphics design
D) Textile
  • 18. The art in which studies are made of the traditions and customs of people is called
A) Journalism
B) Folklore
C) Literature
D) Poetry
  • 19. …………… is the distribution of elements in design such that both sides are not equal and yet the design seems balanced.
A) Symmetrical balance
B) Asymmetrical balance
C) Weight
D) Distribution
  • 20. Lines that exist at the springs of telephone is called
A) Spiral lines
B) Circular lines
C) Angular lines
D) Curved lines
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