LA test Ch2 6th
  • 1. He knows the girl _________________ has three dogs.
A) who
B) where
C) whose
D) when
  • 2. This is Gerry ____________________ saw a rabbit in our garden.
A) where
B) when
C) who
D) which
  • 3. This is John __________________ pets were stolen this morning.
A) which
B) whose
C) who
D) that
  • 4. Mrs Miller, __________________ father is a zookeeper, came to Mexico in 1950.
A) where
B) that
C) whose
D) when
  • 5. I want to visit the place ___________________ extinct bears used to live.
A) when
B) Who
C) whose
D) where
  • 6. What type of clause is: The building of new homes reduces the chances of animals to survive
A) Dependent
B) Independent
  • 7. What type of clause is: Many species have already disappeared
A) Independent
B) Dependent
  • 8. What type of clause is: since groups of people have acted
A) dependent
B) Independent
  • 9. What type of clause is: because of the use of pesticides
A) Independent
B) dependent
  • 10. What type of clause is: for animals to become endangered
A) independent
B) dependent
  • 11. the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
A) adapt
B) fossil
C) evolution
  • 12. It means the end of a species
A) evolution
B) extinction
C) Illegal
  • 13. the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock.
A) evolution
B) fossil
C) wipe out
  • 14. a species of animal or plant that is seriously at risk of extinction.
A) fossil
B) survive
C) endangered
  • 15. continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship
A) wipe out
B) Survive
C) extinction
  • 16. The plural for child is:
A) childs
B) children
C) childrens
  • 17. The plural for hoof is:
A) Hofes
B) Hoofes
C) hooves
  • 18. The plural for tooth is:
A) teeths
B) teeth
C) tooths
  • 19. The plural for person is:
A) people
B) peoples
C) persons
  • 20. The plural for foot is:
A) foots
B) feet
C) feets
  • 21. The floral for woman is:
A) women
B) womens
C) womans
  • 22. The plural for mouse is:
A) mouses
B) mice
C) mices
  • 23. The plural for ox is:
A) oxes
B) oxens
C) oxen
  • 24. The plural for wolf is:
A) wolves
B) wolfs
C) wolfes
  • 25. The plural for fish is:
A) fishen
B) fishs
C) fish
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