Diagnostic Test
  • 1. Most university students _______ on campus in their first year
A) lives
B) live
C) are living
  • 2. From this graph we can see that the economy _____ at the moment
A) is improving
B) improves
C) improve
  • 3. They _____ personal computers when my father was a student
A) hadn't
B) weren't having
C) didn't have
  • 4. I _____ want to be a practising doctor bur now I'm more interested in reasearch
A) was used to
B) used to
C) would
  • 5. The teacher _____ us how todo the experiment when the fire bell rang
A) was showing
B) shown
C) showed
  • 6. I finished my essay yesterday but _____ it in to the tutor yet
A) I haven't given
B) I didn't give
C) I've given
  • 7. _____ the experiment three times now with different results each time!
A) We've been doing
B) We did
C) we've done
  • 8. When I arrived the lecture _____ so I didn't find it easy to follow
A) had started
B) started
C) has been starting
  • 9. She _____ well at school but that changed when she became friends with a different group of girls
A) did
B) had done
C) had been doing
  • 10. _____ the doctor at 2:00 this afternoon so I can't go to the lecture
A) I will see
B) I see
C) I'm seeing
  • 11. My sister _____ economics amd politics when she goes to university
A) will study
B) is going to study
C) studies
  • 12. While we're working on the project our boss _____ on a beach in Greece!
A) will be sitting
B) will sit
C) will have sat
  • 13. If the trend continues, the average income _____ by 107% by 2020
A) will have increased
B) will increase
C) will be increasing
  • 14. You can base your geography assignment on _____ country _ it doesn't matter which
A) some
B) a
C) any
  • 15. There aren't _____ places left on the course so you'd better apply soon.
A) lots of
B) much
C) many
  • 16. I don't know whether to accept the job offer. It's _____
A) the difficult decision
B) difficult decision
C) a difficult decision
  • 17. For those of you newto the company, this leaflet is full of _____
A) a valuable information
B) the valuable information
C) valuable information
  • 18. The manager interviewed _____ candidates in turn.
A) every
B) each of the
C) each
  • 19. I know it's not much of a present but I made it _____.
A) me
B) by myself
C) myself
  • 20. You should visit Bath. It's _____ city.
A) a historical interesting
B) a historical and interesting
C) an interesting historical
  • 21. The government has released some _____ sata showing how schools are not providing an adequate education to our children.
A) shocked
B) shock
C) shocking
  • 22. You really should go to Namibia. The scenery is _____ stunning and the people are very friendly.
A) very
B) fairly
C) absolutely
  • 23. This factory produces some of _____ cameras in the world.
A) best
B) the best
C) the most best
  • 24. _____ people live in the countryside than 100 years ago.
A) Less
B) Few
C) Fewer
  • 25. The bookshop _____ the end of the road is excellent
A) at
B) on
C) in
  • 26. There were millions of people around the world _____ the fotball match live in television
A) were watching
B) watched
C) watching
  • 27. Scientists finally _____ find a cure for the disease after years of research.
A) managed to
B) could
C) can
  • 28. She got a terrible mark in the exam so she _____ very hard tat all
A) didn't work
B) mustn't have worked
C) can't have worked
  • 29. What _____ in the order to get a permit to work in your country?
A) must I do
B) ought I do
C) do I need to do
  • 30. When you write your essays you _____ copy ideas from books without referencing them properly.
A) don't have to
B) have to
C) mustn't
  • 31. Doctors have _____ us to cut down on salt in our diets if we want to reduce the risk of getting heart disease.
A) advised
B) insisted
C) suggested
  • 32. _____ this newspaper report, more women smoke than men nowadays.
A) According to
B) Supposedly
C) Apparently
  • 33. My parents encouraged _____ this course.
A) me do
B) me doing
C) me to do
  • 34. What will you do if _____
A) you didn't get a good IELTS score?
B) you won't get a good IELTS score?
C) your don't get a good IELTS score?
  • 35. A recent government report has warned that _____ we act immediately to reduce pollution, there will be serious consequences for the planet.
A) unless
B) in case
C) provided that
  • 36. If I didn't have to work tonight, _____
A) I'd be able to relax now.
B) i'm able to relax now.
C) I'll be able to relax now.
  • 37. I wishthat man _____ tapping his fingers on the table. It's really annoying me.
A) stopped
B) had stopped
C) would stop
  • 38. I'm aiming ____ a band 7 in IELTS.
A) to
B) on
C) for
  • 39. Do you have any knowledge _____ how our education system works?
A) on
B) for
C) of
  • 40. The minister _____ is responsible for education has just resigned.
A) what
B) who
C) which
  • 41. The University of St. Andrews _____ is the oldest university in Scotland
A) , that was founded in 1413,
B) , which was founded in 1413,
C) which was founded in 1413,
  • 42. Many children these days do not have a healthy diet. _____ is possible that this is because less healthy food are cheaper that healthy ones.
A) It
B) What
C) That
  • 43. The carity is trying to find ways to save and _____ the world's endangered animal species.
A) to find ways to protect
B) protect
C) the carity is trying to find ways to
  • 44. In the past we threw a lot of our kitchen waste away, but today many item such as plastic bottle and newspapaers _____.
A) need recycling
B) recycle
C) are recycled
  • 45. I can't pick you up from the station on Wednesday because _____ on that day.
A) I'm having my car fixed
B) I need my car fixed
C) I'm fixing my car
  • 46. Theses drugs are the best medicine available as a treatment at the momment, _____ they are expensive
A) although
B) because
C) so
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