4th Grade Geometry quiz
  • 1. What is a regular polygon?
A) A multi-sided shape with equal length sides and different sized angles
B) A special type of multi-flavored gum.
C) A multi-sided shape with different length sides and different angles
D) A multi-sided shape with different length sides and congruent angles
E) A multi-sided shape with equal length sides and congruent angles.
  • 2. Which type of triangle has only two equal sides and two congruent angles?.
A) Isosceles
B) Right
C) Scalene
D) Equilateral
E) Obtuse
  • 3. A Scalene triangle has...
A) no equal sides and no congruent angles
B) at least one right angle
C) two equal sides and two congruent angles
D) a slippery slope
E) equal sides and congruent angles
  • 4. What type of angle is less than 90 degrees?
A) Obtuse
B) Right
C) a triangle
D) Acute
  • 5. An Obtuse angle is...
A) greater than 90 degrees
B) circular
C) is less than 90 degrees
D) is equal to 90 degrees
  • 6. Which polygon is a quadrilateral?
A) trapezoid
B) pentagon
C) hexagon
D) nonagon
E) triangle
  • 7. A parallelogram has...
A) no sets of parallel lines
B) two sets of parallel lines
C) one set of parallel lines
D) lines that cross at a 90 degree angle
  • 8. Congruent means...
A) "hot dog" in Spanish
B) same shape but different size
C) different shape and different size
D) same shape & same size
E) different shape but same size
  • 9. How do you find the area of a rectangle?
A) add up all the side lengths
B) 3.14 times radius, squared
C) measure it with tiles
D) base times the height
E) half of the base times height
  • 10. True or False: A square is a rectangle, a parallelogram, a quadrilateral, and a regular polygon.
A) It depends on how big it is
B) True
C) False
  • 11. True or False: A trapezoid can have two right angles?
A) What the heck is a trapezoid!
B) True
C) False
  • 12. If you have two rectangles with the same perimeter, but one is a square and the other is long and skinny, which one will have the greatest area?
A) you have to measure it in order to know
B) the long and skinny one
C) they will both have the same area
D) the one that is a square
  • 13. A concave shape has...
A) one angle that goes into the space of the shape
B) two angles that goes into the space of the shape
C) there is no such thing, all shapes are convex
D) no angles that goes into the space of the shape
  • 14. How can someone find the perimeter of a shape?
A) measure and add up all the sides, perimeter is linear
B) phone a friend
C) measure one side then multiple the result by however many sides the shape has
D) multiple the base times the height, it is 2-dimensional
  • 15. If you have a regular polygon and you want to make a similar shape with sides that are twice as long, how much larger will the area of the new shape be.
A) 5 times larger
B) 3 times larger
C) 4 times larger
D) 2 times larger
  • 16. True or False: You can use two triangles to make up any quadrilateral?
A) True
B) False
C) Can you repeat the question?
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