National Values JSS 3(3rd Assessment)
  • 1. One of these is not an integrated subject of social studies
A) History
B) Government
C) Economics
D) Mathematics
  • 2. In social studies, we come across concepts like except
A) generalization, attitudes
B) cognitive, psychomotor domains
C) equations and chemical analysis
D) Values, facts
  • 3. Anthropology deals with the study of human
A) Society
B) past and present
C) economic activities
D) physical features of the earth
  • 4. Facts can be defined as _________
A) meaningless materials
B) knowledge or information based on real occurrences
C) information that is valueless
D) information that are inaccurate
  • 5. Levels of cognitive domain include the following except
A) comprehension
B) concept
C) knowledge
D) application
  • 6. A concept could be defined as ________
A) a person's attitude
B) a choice between good and evil
C) a general idea about something
D) the subject that are integrated in social studies
  • 7. Contents refers to the
A) general statement
B) topics or issues dealt with in a speech, field of study or book
C) subject
  • 8. Experience refers to what we could see, hear, smell, taste or touch.
A) True
B) False
C) Partially true and partially false
  • 9. There are 36 States in Nigeria
A) Fact
B) generalization
C) Idea
D) Concept
  • 10. Man, village, sky, water, sand, tree and bridges are examples of
A) quality concepts
B) abstract concepts
C) all of the above
D) activities concepts
  • 11. There are _____________ types of concepts
A) three
B) two
C) four
D) five
  • 12. The Igbo people are the indigenes of South- East Nigeria
A) generalization
B) false
C) contents
D) Fact
  • 13. _______________ is a statement about a group of people or things
A) Contents
B) Generalizations
C) Concepts
D) Facts
  • 14. Most politicians are greedy and that police officers are corrupt are examples of
A) contents
B) generalizations
C) facts
D) concepts
  • 15. _____________ has to do with imaginary concepts
A) Abstract concept
B) all of the above
C) Quality concept
D) Concrete concept
  • 16. Good values lead to self discipline and self control
A) False
B) True
C) content
D) Concept
  • 17. _____________ are honesty, liberty, discipline, fair play, chastity and decency.
A) Societal values
B) Societal concepts
C) Societal rots
D) Societal vices
  • 18. ____________ means our state of mind or feelings about something or someone.
A) Latitude
B) Attitudes
C) all of the above
D) Aptitude
  • 19. There are _____________ levels of cognitive domain
A) six
B) eight
C) seven
D) ten
  • 20. ______________ refers to a combination of some materials to form a whole.
A) Application
B) Compilation
C) Synthesis
D) Analysis
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