P.H.E 3rd C.A for Grade9
  • 1. What are the basic qualities in athletics?
A) strength, speed and stamina
B) speeding, running, and jumping
C) throwing, jumping, and stamina
D) stamina, jumping, and speed
  • 2. Physical Education aims at developing the ______
A) soul
B) body
C) muscles
D) mind
  • 3. Athletics can be grouped into ________.
A) track and field events
B) marathon and track events
C) jumping and running events
D) running and field events
  • 4. The instrument that runners hand over to one another in a relay race is called a _________.
A) brass
B) rod
C) running stick
D) baton
  • 5. All are jumping events except________
A) Long jump
B) High jump
C) Triple jump
D) Hurdles
  • 6. The shoes worn by athletes for running are called ______.
A) Boots
B) Spiked shoes
C) Relay shoes
D) Tennis shoes
  • 7. Which of the following is not a quality of a good hurdler?
A) speed
B) drug addiction
C) endurance
D) tallness
  • 8. Shoulder pad is used in _______.
A) Hockey
B) Wrestling
C) Badminton
D) Soccer
  • 9. Ice hockey is a game of _____ minutes.
A) 35
B) 70
C) 60
D) 90
  • 10. Knee pads are also called_____.
A) shin pads
B) guard pads
C) ankle pads
D) protection pads
  • 11. Fatigue means _______.
A) low productivity
B) high productivity
C) excessive tiredness
D) lack of interest
  • 12. Recreational activities could be done both......
A) winter and summer
B) outdoors and nextdoor
C) indoors and outdoors
D) indoors and inside
  • 13. ______ refers to any substance which when ingested into the body can change either the function or the structure of the human organism.
A) Salt
B) Acid
C) Drug
D) Wellness
  • 14. Physical and Health Education deals with ______ .
A) human development
B) human movement
C) human behaviour
D) human technology
  • 15. Field Hockey is a game of ...... minutes.
A) 80
B) 60
C) 90
D) 70
  • 16. Which of the following is an official in hurdle?
A) The middle man
B) The lines man
C) The umpire
D) Video Assistant Referee
  • 17. Field hockey is played by two teams of _______ players each.
A) 13
B) 8
C) 11
D) 7
  • 18. All are hockey equipment except ______.
A) Elbow pads
B) Knee pads
C) Hockey stick
D) Knee caps
  • 19. Which of the following is not a sprint event?
A) 200m
B) 50m
C) 300m
D) 400m
  • 20. Which player is allowed to use hands to catch the ball in a football match?
A) The defenders
B) The captain
C) The goal keeper
D) All the players
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