AIC JS 1 Basic Tech Revision Test for 3rd Term 2022/23
  • 1. All of the following are used for freehand drawing except.......
A) Sharpener
B) Pencil
C) Compass
D) Eraser
  • 2. The process of providing a quick representation of an object through drawing without the aid of drawing instruments is ------
A) Left hand sketching
B) Constructions
C) Right hand sketching
D) Freehand sketching
  • 3. Which of the following is not contained in the title block?
A) Scale
B) Title
C) Name
D) Specification
  • 4. Where is the title-block located on the drawing sheet?
A) Upper right hand corner
B) Upper right corner
C) Bottom left corner
D) Bottom right hand corner
  • 5. -------- is a brief and clear means of communicating ideas that we have in mind.
A) Freehand sketching
B) Constructing
C) Technical drawing
D) Projecting
  • 6. One of the following is not a grade of pencil.
A) 2HB
B) 3B
C) 2H
D) 2D
  • 7. ---------- is a line drawn around the inside edge of the paper
A) Border line
B) Vertical line
C) Architectural line
D) Horizontal line
  • 8. Which of these is a type of drawing board.
A) Small size
B) Quarter size
C) Full Imperial size
D) Medium size
  • 9. A protractor is used for measuring ------
A) Angles
B) Curves
C) Lines
D) Circles
  • 10. Compass is used to draw ------
A) Curves
B) Circles
C) Inclined lines
D) Straight lines
  • 11. In the workshop, accidents are caused by one of the following:
A) Carelessness
B) Good observation
C) Good rules
D) Good working habits
  • 12. Which of the following can cause a fire outbreak in a workshop?
A) Fire extinguisher
B) Fire sand bucket
C) Electrical spark
D) Water
  • 13. All of these can cause fire outbreak except ;
A) Fire extinguisher
B) Naked flames
C) Electric spark
D) Chemicals
  • 14. The condition of being protected against harm is called -------
A) Carelessness
B) Accident
C) Failure
D) Safety
  • 15. An unexpected event which can cause harm or injury in the workshop is called;
A) Workshop accident
B) Safety
C) Failure
D) Road accident
  • 16. ATM used in banks for financial transactions is referred to as;
A) Automated Teller Medicine
B) Automating Teller Mathods
C) Automated Teller Machine
D) Automation Teller Machining
  • 17. In which of the following everyday life activity is a stethoscope applied?
A) Healthcare
B) Agriculture
C) Business
D) Politics
  • 18. Shiny or good lustre property is often associated with --------
A) Plastics
B) Woods
C) Ceramics
D) Metals
  • 19. The type of plastics that can be easily softened and remoulded is called ---------
A) Thermoplastic
B) Synthetic
C) Thermoset
D) Thermolatex
  • 20. Rubber can be used in buildings as ---------
A) Wires for electrical connections
B) Reinforcement materials in concrete
C) Hose for water supply
D) Materials for entrance doors
  • 21. Which tool is used to measure lengths accurately?
A) Screwdriver
B) Chisel
C) Hammer
D) Tape measure
  • 22. What is the function of a try square?
A) Measuring lengths
B) Marking out right angles
C) Measuring angles
D) Leveling surfaces
  • 23. Which tool is used to measure the thickness of materials?
A) Bevel gauge
B) Feeler gauge
C) Protractor
D) Vernier caliper
  • 24. Which tool is used to mark a line parallel to an edge?
A) Sliding bevel
B) Marking gauge
C) Scriber
D) Dividers
  • 25. Which tool is used to mark circles and arcs?
A) Square
B) Compass
C) Bevel gauge
D) Ruler
  • 26. What is the purpose of a marking knife?
A) Boring holes
B) Marking lines on wood
C) Cutting wood
D) Measuring lengths
  • 27. Which tool is used to strike or drive nails into wood?
A) Screwdriver
B) Chisel
C) Pliers
D) Hammer
  • 28. Which tool is used for both driving and removing screws?
A) Screwdriver
B) Wrench
C) Allen key
D) Pliers
  • 29. What is the function of a mallet?
A) Cutting wood
B) Hammering without damaging the work surface
C) Holding materials in place
D) Drilling holes
  • 30. Which tool is used to make round holes in wood?
A) Hammer
B) Screwdriver
C) Chisel
D) Auger bit
  • 31. What is the purpose of a brace and bit?
A) Holding workpieces in place
B) Boring holes
C) Marking out right angles
D) Measuring angles
  • 32. Which tool is used to enlarge an existing hole?
A) File
B) Screwdriver
C) Reamer
D) Mallet
  • 33. What is the function of a bench vise?
A) Measuring angles
B) Cutting wood
C) Holding workpieces securely
D) Boring holes
  • 34. Which device is used to hold a workpiece at a specific angle?
A) Mallet
B) V-block
C) Compass
D) Clamp
  • 35. What is the purpose of a sawhorse?
A) Boring holes
B) Cutting wood
C) Measuring lengths
D) Supporting workpieces
  • 36. Which tool is used to cut curves in wood?
A) File
B) Saw
C) Plane
D) Chisel
  • 37. What is the function of a coping saw?
A) Boring holes
B) Cutting curves and intricate shapes
C) Drilling holes
D) Cutting straight lines
  • 38. Which tool is used to remove thin layers of wood?
A) Screwdriver
B) Pliers
C) Hammer
D) Rasp
  • 39. What should you do after using a hand tool to maintain its sharpness?
A) Sharpen or hone the tool
B) Apply oil to the tool
C) Clean it with water
D) Leave it as it is
  • 40. How should you store hand tools to prevent damage?
A) Store them in a damp environment
B) Mix them with other materials in a storage bin
C) Leave them exposed to air and moisture
D) Keep them in a secure and dry place
  • 41. What is the definition of work in the context of physics?
A) The amount of force applied to an object
B) The transfer of energy from one object to another
C) The speed at which an object moves
D) The displacement of an object due to a force acting on it
  • 42. Which of the following is an example of work?
A) Holding a book above the ground
B) Carrying a heavy box without lifting it
C) Climbing up a flight of stairs
D) Pushing against a wall without moving it
  • 43. Which form of energy is associated with the motion of objects?
A) Thermal energy
B) Mechanical energy
C) Chemical energy
D) Nuclear energy
  • 44. What form of energy is stored in the bonds between atoms and molecules?
A) Potential energy
B) Kinetic energy
C) Electrical energy
D) Chemical energy
  • 45. Which of the following is a renewable source of energy?
A) Solar power
B) Natural gas
C) Coal
D) Petroleum
  • 46. Which energy source is obtained from the movement of air?
A) Hydroelectric energy
B) Wind energy
C) Geothermal energy
D) Biomass energy
  • 47. What process occurs when a light bulb converts electrical energy into light and heat energy?
A) Refraction
B) Reflection
C) Combustion
D) Conversion
  • 48. Which type of energy transformation occurs in a solar panel?
A) Nuclear to electrical energy
B) Chemical to electrical energy
C) Thermal to electrical energy
D) Mechanical to electrical energy
  • 49. What is an example of using electrical energy for heating purposes?
A) Riding a bicycle
B) Lighting a candle
C) Using a water pump
D) Running a microwave oven
  • 50. What is the SI unit of energy?
A) Watt
B) Joule
C) Ohm
D) Volt
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