Tax/Tip/Discount/Markup Review
Ava bought snacks for $1.49, .89¢, and $2.25. She paid 6% sales tax. How much did Ava spend in all?
Your family ate a delicious meal at The House of Chicken. 
The meal itself cost $47.25. A tip of 20% was left for the 
waitress. How much did your family spend in total?
Jim bought a new bicycle for $129. If the sales tax is 8%, 
What was the total cost?
Austin makes a commission of 20% on his sales each week. 
Last week, his sales were $520. How much was Austin’ s 
Calvin left a 15% tip for a $9.42 meal. How much did Calvin 
pay for the meal and the tip together?
Tara’s meal cost $8.60. She had to pay sales tax of 6%. 
Then she left a 10% tip based off the new total. What did 
she spend altogether?
Mrs. Lopez found a dining table on sale for 45% off. If the original price was $1,250, how much did she pay for it? 
XYZ Toys makes a Feed-Me Baby Doll for $10.40. They 
mark up the cost by 55%. What is the selling price for the 
Feed-Me Baby Doll?
Shun bought an MP3 player that usually sells for $68 at a discount of 15%. What did Shun pay for the discounted MP3 player? 
Macy bought new tires for her car. She chose tires that 
cost $73 each. However, the tire store was offering a Buy 3, 
Get 1 Free Sale. After this special sale, she had to pay 9% 
sales tax. What was Macy’s final cost for all 4 tires? 
The Kerwoods went out to eat at Chili's. If there billwas $58.65 and they gave their server a 15% tip, howmuch did they pay altogether?
Ms. Acton spent $205.60 at Target. If the sales tax is6%, what was her final bill?
Macys is having a one-day 35% off special. If Sarabought $124.50 worth of items, what would the final billtotal after applying the discount of 35%?
Mark and his three friends ate out at Applebee’s. Theirbill totaled $52.35. If they left the server a 20% tip, howmuch would each person pay splitting the bill evenly?
Ms. Stoner purchased a new computer for $1,150 at theApple Store. If sales tax is 7.5%, what was the total of herpurchase?
Vicky made some purchases at the Sunflower Market.She bought strawberries for $3.50, carrots for $2.25 and abouquet of flowers for $9.95. If sales tax is 5%, what willVicky pay altogether?
Aimee is decorating her new house. She found a table atPier One for $425. If the table is 25% off, what will it cost?
Mrs. Margul paid $125 to have her hair colored and cut.If she tips her hairdresser 15%, what is her total bill?
Best Buy was having a 20% off sale on all flat screenTVs. What would the sale price of a $350 TV be?
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