Science Academic Vocabulary
  • 1. Hypothermia
A) Ecology
B) Anatomy
C) Respiration
D) Under Below
E) Metabolism
  • 2. Epidermis
A) The Study of Life
B) Science
C) Below the skin
D) Ecology
E) Excretion
  • 3. Chloroplast
A) Green small body of cells
B) Biologists
C) Microbiology
D) The study of organisms
E) Respiration
  • 4. Cardiology
A) Respiration
B) The Study of Life
C) Physiology
D) Study of the Heart
E) Science
  • 5. Thermometry
A) The Study of Plants
B) Ecology
C) Measurement of heat
D) Microbiology
E) Metabolism
  • 6. Arthropod
A) Physiology
B) Anatomy
C) Biologists
D) Jointed, feet
E) The Study of Life
  • 7. Phagocyte
A) Eat, Eater cell
B) Anatomy
C) Science
D) The Study of Plants
E) Excretion
  • 8. Autotroph
A) Microbiology
B) Metabolism
C) The study of organisms
D) Self, food, nutrition
E) Ecology
  • 9. "LOGY" means
A) Microbiology
B) The study of
C) Excretion
D) Respiration
E) Biologists
  • 10. Zoology mean
A) Metabolism
B) Anatomy
C) Study of animals
D) The Study of Life
E) The study of organisms
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