• 1. This kite (marked ‘Object’) was reflected once to form an image tile. Select the answer which gives all tiles that could not be the reflected image.
A) b, c
B) a, b, c, d
C) a, b, c
D) a, d, c
  • 2. At the theatre, Mia had ticket M1 and Terry had ticket L12.   Which statement describes where they were seated?
A) Mia sat directly behind Terry.
B) Terry sat behind Mia at the other end of the row.
C) Terry sat directly in front of Mia.
D) Mia sat behind Terry at the other end of the row.
  • 3. The bottom of this solid looks like .   Select the two 3D objects used to form this solid.
A) A triangular pyramid and a square
B) A square prism and a triangular pyramid
C) A square pyramid and a triangular prism
D) A triangular prism and a triangular pyramid prism
  • 4. A timeline in a novel shows these events using a scale to represent the passing of time. The Fall of Axiel and the Arrival of Syatt were 50 years apart. Estimate the length of time between the Rise of Nadri and the Crowing of Yoor.
A) 100 years
B) 20 years
C) 50 years
D) 5 years
  • 5. A1 is north of A2. Which of the following is south-east of C3?
A) B2
B) A2
C) D4
D) C4
  • 6. The four towns Anly, Beck, Cant and Dell form a square.   Where would the town of Dell be on the map?   Select the incorrect statement.
A) South East of Beck
B) Due South of Beck
C) SE of Anly
D) SW of Cant
  • 7. Jeremy is writing a sequence of numbers that increase by the same amount each time.    Select the true statement.
A) The terms will be: even, odd, even, odd, …
B) All the terms will be even
C) The terms will be: even, odd, odd, even, odd, odd, …
D) All the terms will be odd
  • 8. Sam came out of the post office into Snake Rd and turned right.    He was heading towards:
A) Elephant St
B) Monkey St
C) Rabbit Ave
D) Lion Rd
  • 9. When a 1 cm3 cube is cut and the pieces used to make a new rectangular prism, the volume of the new prism is:
A) 1 cm3
B) 2 1/2 cm3
C) 2 cm3
D) 1/2 cm3
  • 10. The seat is east of the tree.   In which direction is the tree from the seat?
A) South
B) West
C) North
D) East
  • 11. Nick needs to work out 2804 x 23.   He decides to round the numbers to work out an estimate mentally.   Which of these calculations would be best?
A) 2000 x 20
B) 3000 x 20
C) 3000 x 30
D) 2000 x 30
  • 12. Tan travels 1 km 90 m to school, Joe travels 1.8 km, Sue travels 1 km 920 cm and Mike travels 1689 m.   Who travels the longest distance?
A) Mike
B) Joe
C) Sue
D) Tan
  • 13. Which answer best represents how many of the fish in the group are orange.
A) 2/9
B) 2/7
C) 7/9
D) 2
  • 14. Read the scale to estimate the real life distance between the Shops and the School.
A) 400 m
B) 200 m
C) 350 m
D) 300 m
  • 15. What Map reference best locates the bank?
A) B3
B) C3
C) B4
D) A3
  • 16. A student received his Maths test back from his teacher and is asked to convert his mark into a percentage. If he achieved 34 marks correct out of 50, what was his percentage?
A) 50%
B) 34%
C) 64%
D) 68%
  • 17. Peter’s mum is driving 400 km down South to visit his Grandma. If the trip takes her 4 hours, what was her average speed for the journey?
A) 10 km
B) 100 km/hr
C) It depends how fast she was driving.
D) 40 km/hr
  • 18. Consider the scale on the map. If you walk from the Post Office to the T junction at Bridge St and View Drive and are walking at an average speed of 1 m/sec, how many minutes would you expect the walk to take?
A) 4 minutes
B) At least 10 minutes
C) Between 6 and 7 minutes
D) 400 minutes
  • 19. Consider the map to the right and choose the statement that is correct.
A) The School is South West of the Library.
B) Travel West along Rachel Road, turn North up Shane Avenue and right into Webber Street to find the Police Station.
C) Travelling North along Shane Avenue and turn West to arrive at the Library.
D) Rachel Road is West of Webber Street.
  • 20. Which of the following statements are true?
A) 3.08 ≥ 3.108
B) 0.4 = 40%
C) 35/100 < 0.035
D) 16 + 20 ≤ 5 x 6
  • 21. If Sydney is 2 hours ahead of Perth and it is 3.45pm in Perth, what time is it in Sydney?
A) 3:45am
B) 5:45pm
C) 3:45pm
D) 1:45pm
  • 22. According to the bill, during which month was the highest electricity usage?
A) December 2011
B) April 2012
C) June 2012
D) September 2011
  • 23. Compared to last year, this families average daily usage had:
A) Stayed the same
B) Increased
C) Decreased
D) You cannot tell from the bill
  • 24. The family’s average cost per day over this time period was :
A) $14.50
B) $1.47
C) $6.09
D) $3.53
  • 25. Sonia is a chef for the Ready-to-Eat Catering Company. She uses a recipe for four people with the following ingredients: 4 bread rolls 100 grams of butter 40 grams of sliced tomato How much butter will she need for 80 people?
A) 2.5 kg
B) 2 kg
C) 1 kg
D) 1.5 kg
  • 26. Jane has a piece of material that is 18.6 metres long. How many pieces that are 40 cm in length each can she cut out from the material?
A) 49
B) 48
C) 47
D) 46
  • 27. 3 tennis racquets cost $360 in total. How much would 5 racquets cost?
A) $560
B) $750
C) $720
D) $600
  • 28. Jenny wants to paint a wall in her house, which is 80 square metres in area. If paint comes in 4 L tins and each tin covers 7 square metres, how many cans will Jenny need to buy?
A) 3
B) 12
C) 48
D) 11
  • 29. Jim and Jane have a rectangular swimming pool which measures 4 m by 7 m. There is a path of width 50 cm all around the pool. If they are going to buy a pool blanket which needs to cover the path as well as the pool, what minimum size does it need to be?
A) 4.5 m by 7.5 m
B) 3 m by 6 m
C) 5 m by 8 m
D) 6 m by 9 m
  • 30. A soccer team scored an average of 3 goals in the first 4 games of the competition. After another 6 games the average had been increased to 4 goals. How many goals were scored in the last 6 games?
A) 18
B) 16
C) 24
D) 28
  • 31. Robbie’s weekly pay of $1600 is increased by 17%. Approximately what is his new pay?
A) $2000
B) $1400
C) $1700
D) $1900
  • 32. Jane wishes to travel from Wellard to Mandurah. Her work in Mandurah is a 10 minute walk from the train station and she starts work at 7:40am. Using the above timetable, what is the last train Jane can catch and still get to work on time?
A) 7:13
B) 7:23
C) 6:23
D) 6:43
  • 33. A group of 200 people were surveyed to know whether they like swimming or diving. The results are shown in the Venn diagram above: How many people liked both swimming and diving?
A) 55
B) 52
C) 88
D) 27
  • 34. A group of 180 students were surveyed at St Norbert College to find whether they played Soccer or Basketball. The results are shown on the Venn diagram above: How many people played only Basketball?
A) 45
B) 27
C) 30
D) 20
  • 35. 99900, 99920, 99940, 99960, _______ Write the number next in the sequence.
A) 99920
B) 99970
C) 99940
D) 99980
  • 36. 89900, 89880, 89860, 89840, _______ Write the number next in the sequence.
A) 89820
B) 89980
C) 99940
D) 89920
  • 37. The normal price of unleaded petrol in Caltex is $1.20 per litre. Ben has a voucher that offers a saving of 4 c per litre. How much does he pay per litre?
A) $1.16
B) $1.24
C) $1.06
D) $1.42
  • 38. The normal price of unleaded petrol in Caltex is $1.18 per litre. Thomas has a voucher that offers a saving of 4 c per litre. How much does he pay per litre?
A) $1.42
B) $1.24
C) $1.16
D) $1.14
  • 39. On which two consecutive days is the difference in the number of coke cans consumed 5?
A) Tuesday and Wednesday
B) Monday and Tuesday
C) Wednesday and Thursday
D) Saturday and Sunday
  • 40. What is the total number of coke cans consumed during the first three consecutive days of the week?
A) 17
B) 33
C) 15
D) 16
  • 41. On Wednesdays, lunchtime concludes at 10 minutes to 2pm.   Which clock shows the correct time?
A) c
B) b
C) d
D) a
  • 42. Which list has money from lowest to highest in value?
A) $99, $909, $990, $999, $9990
B) $101, $110, $105, $120, $101
C) $456, $465, $546, $345, $354
D) $197, $187, $184, $170, $165
  • 43. On Wednesdays, period 4 starts at 15 past 12.   Which clock shows the correct time?
A) b
B) d
C) a
D) c
  • 44. Which list has money from highest to lowest in value?
A) $999, $909, $990, $999, $9990
B) $297, $287, $284, $270, $265
C) $111, $110, $105, $102, $120
D) $356, $465, $546, $345, $354
  • 45. What will be the total cost for 2 adults and 2 children aged 10 and 3 years?
A) $24
B) $34
C) $29
D) $50
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