Businesss Studies JSS 2 ( 3rd Assessment)
  • 1. The ____________ is the place within an organization for receiving visitors
A) reception office
B) Organization
C) reception
D) receptionist
  • 2. The _______________ is the first person a visitor sees immediately he or she enters into an organization
A) receptors
B) reception
C) receptionist
D) recep
  • 3. A ___________ is a person employed to receive and assist people visiting a particular organization
A) HoS
B) HoD
C) Receptor
D) receptionist
  • 4. A good receptionist should have a good physical appearance.
A) false
B) True
C) Not always
D) Not at all
  • 5. A good receptionist should have a pleasant manner both on the telephone and when receiving visitors
A) insulting sometimes
B) unruly sometimes
C) false
D) True
  • 6. There are _______ major duties of a receptionist
A) six
B) three
C) four
D) two
  • 7. Receiving/Making calls is one of the duties of a receptionist
A) Not certain
B) True
C) Could be done by others
D) false
  • 8. A good receptionist should not be attentive and must not aintain confidentiality.
A) Not understandable
B) True
C) False
D) Too complex
  • 9. A good receptionist can dress casually to the office.
A) False
B) True
C) ok
D) accepted
  • 10. There are_______ correspondence records
A) six
B) five
C) three
D) four
  • 11. ___________ is used to record all mail which are received in an organization.
A) Mail outwards register
B) None of the above
C) All of the above
D) Mail inwards book
  • 12. __________ is used for recording letters that are prepared for postage in an organization
A) Mail Outwards Register
B) Mail
C) E- mail
D) Mail inwards book
  • 13. E- mail means
A) Electronic mails
B) Election mail
C) Electric mail
D) Electron mail
  • 14. ____________ is the art of putting or arranging documents in a safe place
A) None of the above
B) Piling
C) Filing
D) filling
  • 15. There are ______ types of filing systems
A) four
B) two
C) three
D) five
  • 16. An efficient filing system must be simple to understand.
A) True
B) false
C) none of the above
D) complex
  • 17. There are _______ filing classification methods
A) four
B) five
C) Three
D) two
  • 18. __________ means filing documents according to topics.
A) alphanumeric filing
B) complex to understand
C) Subject filing
D) Departmental filing
  • 19. In the ____________ , letters are filed according to their places of origin or destination.
A) departmental filing
B) centralized method
C) complex filing
D) geographical method
  • 20. One of the rules of filing is that, file must be filed neatly making sure the paper edges are straight.
A) complex to understand
B) not sure
C) True
D) false
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