Arithmetic operations
  • 1. 5 + 8 = 13
A) Five plus eight equals thirteen
B) Five minus eight equals thirteen
C) Five times eight equals thirteen
D) Five over eight equals thirteen
E) Five per eight equals thirteen
  • 2. (6)(2) = 12
A) Six times two equals twelve
B) Six plus two equals twelve
C) Six minus two equals twelve
D) Six over two equals twelve
E) Six between two equals twelve
  • 3. Nineteen plus eighty equals...
A) Sixty one
B) Nineteen nine
C) Ninety nine
D) Four
  • 4. One quarter plus two quarters equals
A) Three quarters
B) Three forths
C) Three four
D) Three quarter
  • 5. Seven thousand minus one thousand two hundred eighty three equals
A) Six thousand two hundred eighty three
B) Five thousand seven hundred seventeen
C) Six thousand two hundred eighteen three
D) Five thousand seven hundred seventeen
  • 6. Root square of thirty six equals
A) Sixty
B) Six
C) Three
D) Sixteen
E) Two
  • 7. Nine elevated to three equals
A) Eighty one
B) Seven hundred twenty nine
C) Twenty tree
  • 8. Two plus eight per four equals
A) Thirty four
B) Thirteen four
C) Fourteen
D) Forty
  • 9. Three halves per six fifths equals
A) Five sixths
B) Eighteen ten
C) Nine fifths
  • 10. Two thousand eighty between two equals
A) One thousand four
B) Fourteen
C) One thousand forty
D) One thousand fourteen
Answer Key
1.A   2.A   3.C   4.A   5.B,D   6.B   7.B   8.A   9.C   10.C  
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