Hatchet Chapters 9-12 Quiz
  • 1. Brian tried lighting many items. Finally he was able to make a fire by igniting _________________.
A) dry leaves
B) dry twigs
C) birch bark peelings
D) a $20 from his pocket
  • 2. Which of the following was NOT a reason Brian wanted a fire?
A) The smoke from the fire kept the mosquitoes away.
B) Brian could cook the raspberries over the fire .
C) Brian could build a signal fire.
D) The fire would keep away animals like the porcupine.
  • 3. Brian called himself
A) a pioneer
B) a genius
C) a city boy
D) an adventurer
  • 4. How did Brian know the animal that came up in the sand was a turtle?
A) Brian had read a book in science class about sea turtles.
B) Brian had seen sea turtles when he visited the aquarium.
C) Brian had seen a television show about sea turtles.
D) Brian had seen sea turtles on a vacation to the coast.
  • 5. _____________ was making the noise that awakened Brian.
A) a raccoon
B) a bear
C) a moose
D) a turtle
  • 6. Watching Uncle Carter eat ____________ made Brian feel queasy.
A) live goldfish
B) a raw egg with his milk
C) chocolate covered ants
D) live grasshoppers
  • 7. The turtle eggs looked _____________.
A) brown and oval like chicken eggs
B) blue and oval like robin eggs
C) green and spotted like moldy cheese
D) white and round like ping pong balls
  • 8. To clean his shelter Brian __________________.
A) swept the sand and hung up his jacket to dry
B) washed the rocks down with water from the lake
C) changed the pine needle bedding
D) brought in dry leaves to cover the floor
  • 9. How has Brian’s body changed since he crashed in the Canadian wilderness?
A) Brian's stomach has caved in, his skin is tanned, and his face is leathery from the smoke.
B) Brian's hair is long and shaggy, and his nails are broken and ragged.
C) Brian's arms have grown strong from all the firewood he has carried.
D) Brian's face is scarred from the plane crash.
  • 10. How has Brian changed mentally?
A) Brian is a nervous wreck, jumping at every little sound.
B) Brian fears the ghost of the dead pilot at the bottom of the lake will come after him.
C) When Brian hears or sees something he knows what it is in his mind, and he moves to be ready for it, to deal with it.
D) Brian is depressed and cries constantly.
  • 11. As Brian looks down at the lake from the top of the stone bluff, he __________.
A) sees a kingfisher catching a fish and knows he can catch fish as well
B) watches a mother bear with her cubs as she catches a small rabbit
C) thinks about the pilot of the plane and how he must look after all these days under water
D) figures out a way to build an SOS message from branches so pilots can find him
  • 12. What tool must Brian reinvent?
A) a hatchet
B) a hammer
C) the fishing rod
D) a bow and arrow
  • 13. What happened to the plane that flew over Brian’s camp?
A) The plane circled the camp several times then landed on the lake.
B) The plane turned back.
C) The plane crashed into a tall tree.
D) A bird hit the plane making it crash into the lake.
  • 14. When Brian heard the plane, he __________.
A) ran into the open field and started waving his arms
B) used his hatchet to catch the rays of the sun making a flashing light that could be spotted by the pilot
C) ran to the bluff to make a bonfire
D) began yelling and racing towards the lake
  • 15. At the end of Chapter 12, Brian felt ______________.
A) excited to see a plane
B) good with a full stomach
C) like all hope was gone
D) he would be rescued at any time
  • 16. Which sequence best describes the order of events in these chapters? 1) As Brian is splitting wood, he hears a whining sound. 2) Brian just about steps on a bird. 3) Brian uses a spear to try and catch fish. 4) The plane flies away. 5) When the spear does not work Brian decides a bow with arrows.
A) 3, 5, 2, 1, 4
B) 3, 5, 4, 2, 1
C) 3, 4, 2, 5, 1
D) 3, 2, 5, 1, 4
  • 17. What is the main conflict that Brian is facing at this point in Hatchet?
A) Brian feels all hope is lost when the rescue plane flies away.
B) Brian wants desperately to build a bonfire, but he does not know how.
C) Brian is afraid of all the wild animals in the Canadian wilderness.
D) Brian is hungry because he can not find enough food to eat.
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