Holes Part 1 Comprehension Quiz
  • 1. What does Stanley's father do for a living?
A) He is a plumber
B) He is a doctor
C) He is a janitor
D) He is an inventor
  • 2. What is Clyde Livingston's nickname?
A) "Sweet Feet"
B) "Hall of Famer"
C) "Tough Glove"
D) "Hard Hitter"
  • 3. What is the name of the place where Stanley is sent?
A) Camp Red Wood
B) Camp Blue Lake
C) Camp Yellow Sun
D) Camp Green Lake
  • 4. What crime is Stanley accused of?
A) Stealing a notebook
B) Stealing some clothes
C) Stealing a car
D) Stealing a pair of shoes
  • 5. Where is the camp?
A) California
B) Arkansas
C) Wyoming
D) Texas
  • 6. All of the following are true about Zero EXCEPT:
A) He is rich
B) He cannot read
C) He is African-American
D) He cannot write
  • 7. All of the following are true about Stanley EXCEPT:
A) His family is poor
B) He is small
C) He was bullied
D) He was overweight
  • 8. Which of the following is NOT one of the boys' nicknames in Tent D?
A) T-Rex
B) Magnet
C) Caveman
D) Armpit
  • 9. Who is the 'leader' in Tent D?
A) Armpit
B) Zigzag
C) Zero
D) X-Ray
  • 10. Which of the following is NOT true of yellow-spotted lizards?
A) They have black teeth
B) They have red eyes
C) They are five feet long
D) They have exactly eleven yellow spots
  • 11. What does Zero want Stanley to teach him?
A) How to write in cursive
B) How to dig faster
C) How to read
D) How to play pool
  • 12. Yellow-spotted lizards like to eat all of the following EXCEPT:
A) Insects
B) Shells of sunflower seeds
C) Big animals
D) Small animals
  • 13. Whose cot did Stanley get in Tent D?
A) Magnet's cot
B) Zero's cot
C) Barf Bag's cot
D) The Lump's cot
  • 14. What is the 'secret ingredient' in the Warden's nail polish?
A) Yellow-spotted lizard blood
B) Cactus juice
C) Cranberry juice
D) Rattlesnake venom
  • 15. What does Mr. Sir always say that the Camp is NOT?
A) A Boy Scout camp
B) A playground
C) A prison
D) A Girl Scout camp
  • 16. What was the name of the bandit who robbed Stanley's great- grandfather?
A) Cat Bellow
B) Calamity Jane
C) Kissin' Kate Barlow
D) Wild Bill Hickock
  • 17. What was the bandit's job before she became a bandit?
A) An inventor
B) A farmer
C) A teacher
D) An explorer
  • 18. Fill in the blank: "My no-good-dirty-rotten-________-________-great-great- grandfather"
A) Horse-thieving
B) Fire-starting
C) Promise-breaking
D) Pig-stealing
  • 19. Where did Stanley's great-great grandfather come from?
A) England
B) Latvia
C) Spain
D) Russia
  • 20. What did Sam sell in Green Lake?
A) Pigs
B) Carrots
C) Tools
D) Onions
  • 21. What was the gold tube that Stanley dug up?
A) A time capsule
B) Half of a lipstick container
C) A shotgun shell
D) A pill container
  • 22. Who did the Warden jab with a pitchfork?
A) Stanley
B) X-Ray
C) Armpit
D) Mr. Sir
  • 23. Why didn't Elya Yelnats marry Myra?
A) His pig was smaller than Igor's pig
B) She didn't love him
C) She was too smart for him
D) She became ugly
  • 24. How did Stanley get Clyde Livingston's shoes?
A) They fell from the sky
B) They were lying in the street
C) His father stole them
D) He stole them from a store
  • 25. Where were the shoes right before Stanley got them?
A) In a shoe store
B) In Stanley's classroom at school
C) On display at the homeless shelter
D) On Clyde's feet
  • 26. What does Mr. Sir always have with him?
A) Sunflower seeds
B) Gum
C) Cigars
D) Potato chips
  • 27. Who is the fastest digger in Tent D?
A) Stanley
B) X-Ray
C) Magnet
D) Zero
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