Prevocational Studies 3rd C.A. for JS 2
  • 1. Drainage is necessary on the farmland to
A) Remove excess water from the soil
B) Prevent excess drinking by the animal
C) Keep environment cool
D) Provide power on the farm
  • 2. One of the following soil types is the best for agriculture
A) Sandy
B) Clayey
C) None
D) Loamy
  • 3. The general farming activities carried out on the farm during crop production from land preparation to harvesting are called
A) Cultural practices
B) Harvesting
C) Production
D) Bush clearing
  • 4. Which of the following is included in pre-planting operation
A) Manuring, planting, weeding
B) Clearing, stumping, ploughing
C) Weeding, staking, stumping
D) Clearing, planting, weeding
  • 5. These are functions of a farm manager except
A) Waste farm resources
B) Keeps farm records
C) Supervises the farm
D) Determine what to produce
  • 6. The farming activities carried out before planting is done is called
A) Post-planting operation
B) Practical operation
C) Pre-planting operation
D) Planting operation
  • 7. The following are farm storage structures except
A) Silos
B) Battery cage
C) Barn
D) Rhumbus
  • 8. The two main types of storage houses are
A) Farm office and pens
B) Pens and battery cage
C) Production houses and farm office
D) Cold and dry stores
  • 9. Yam can be stored in
A) Cribs and barns
B) Barns
C) Silos and barns
D) Cribs and silos
  • 10. The act of scattering seeds over the soil surface is
A) Supplying
B) Staking
C) Drilling
D) Broadcasting
  • 11. Silos is mainly for the storage of
A) Grains
B) Sugarcane
C) Cattle
D) Yam
  • 12. Animal pens and nursery are ………… farm buildings
A) None
B) Storage
C) Temporary
D) Permanent
  • 13. One of the following is not a production structure
A) Fish pond
B) Battery cages
C) Silos
D) Rabbitary hutches
  • 14. Livestock pens should not be sited close to living houses to avoid
A) Offensive odour
B) Ventilation
C) None
D) Drainage
  • 15. The process of adding a loose layer of shredded plant material on top of the soil is known as
A) Thinning
B) Weeding
C) Mulching
D) Supplying
  • 16. Farm tools made with iron or steel can be maintained by
A) Lubricating
B) Exposing to dew
C) Applying chemicals
D) Applying water
  • 17. Pen is to goat as ……….. is to rabbit
A) Poultry
B) Silos
C) Hutch
D) Apiary
  • 18. A post-planting operation that can be carried out in the production of yam is
A) Cultivation
B) Seed cutting
C) Planting
D) Staking
  • 19. A person who is responsible for obtaining better yield by deciding on the crops, livestock management etc on the farm is a
A) Protectionist
B) Farm Manager
C) Scientist
D) Gardener
  • 20. Which of the following is not an example of terrestrial(land) animals?
A) Turtle
B) Cattle
C) Rabbit
D) Chicken
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