Alejandro's Gift Comprehension
  • 1. This selection is a good example of realistic fiction because _____.
A) many events are unrealistic
B) the story was told orally before it was written
C) the setting could be a real place
D) the story involves technology from the future
  • 2. Alejandro can have a garden in the desert because ______.
A) he does not need much water for himself and his burro
B) the windmill brings water up from his well
C) he does not have many visitors
D) there is a water hole next to his house
  • 3. Alejandro works in his garden for hours because ______.
A) the garden is very big
B) the work keeps him from being lonely
C) he wants the vegetables to grow quickly
D) there are a lot of weeds in the garden
  • 4. In this selection, woodpeckers, thrashers, and roadrunners are _____.
A) kinds of cactus
B) desert birds
C) desert fruit
D) desert flowers
  • 5. All the animals that come to the garden _____.
A) have fur
B) are small
C) have long tails
D) have four legs
  • 6. The squirrel comes to Alejandro's garden because it is _____.
A) lost
B) thirsty
C) curious
D) hungry
  • 7. Alejandro digs a water hole to ______.
A) get better water for his burro
B) provide water for the other, larger desert animals
C) water his garden more easily
D) feed his animal visitors
  • 8. When "the skunk darted to safety in the underbrush?, ________.
A) Alejandro did not understand why the skunk ran away
B) the skunk warned other animals of danger
C) Alejandro realized that the animals did not feel safe near the house
D) the skunk go caught
  • 9. Animals ignore the first water hole because it is ____.
A) in the open
B) too shallow
C) muddy
D) salty
  • 10. Which word best tells about Alejandro?
A) fearful
B) defeated
C) determined
D) selfish
  • 11. The second water hole is different from the first one Alejandro dug because it is _____.
A) smaller than the first one
B) sheltered from his house
C) shunned by the large animals
D) next to his house
  • 12. Alejandro knows when animals are at the second water hole because _____.
A) his burro moves about
B) he can see them
C) they always come at the same time
D) he can hear them
  • 13. How does Alejandro fix the problems with the first water hole?
  • 14. Explain the two meanings of the story's title Alejandro's Gift. What gift does Alejandro intend to give? What gift does he receive?
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Answer Key
1.C   2.B   3.B   4.B   5.B   6.B   7.B   8.C   9.A   10.C   11.B   12.D   13.    14.   
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