SAT Prep Vocab 1
  • 1. abhor
A) the core of the body
B) loathe
C) admire
  • 2. bigot
A) narrow-minded, prejudiced person
B) a style of French bread
C) free love
  • 3. counterfeit
A) corner booth; bench
B) a German countess
C) fake; false
  • 4. enfranchise
A) disappoint
B) give voting rights
C) deprive of privilege
  • 5. hamper
A) a tool used for pounding nails
B) hinder; obstruct
C) unobtrusive
  • 6. kindle
A) a small electronic device
B) to start a fire
C) a child
  • 7. noxious
A) flatulence; passing of gases from the body
B) without injury; unhurt; unharmed
C) harmful; poisonous; lethal
  • 8. placid
A) a lake
B) agitated
C) calm; peaceful
  • 9. remuneration
A) to be ripped off
B) numbering something again
C) payment for work done
  • 10. talisman
A) a Survivor tribe
B) lucky charm
C) a totem pole
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