English 3rd C.A for Grade 9
  • 1. What type of noun must begin with a capital letter, no matter where it occurs in a sentence?
A) Collective noun
B) Countable noun
C) Common noun
D) Proper noun
  • 2. The 1st person personal pronoun plural (object) is represented by .....
A) 'you'
B) 'me'
C) 'us'
D) 'them'
  • 3. The possessive form of the pronoun 'it' is .....
A) its
B) it
C) it's
D) his
  • 4. The 3rd person personal pronoun plural (subject) is represented by ....
A) 'me'
B) 'they'
C) 'you'
D) 'we'
  • 5. Which of these statements expresses the simple past tense?
A) Bilal has travelled to Qatar.
B) Yusuf bought himself a new pair of shoes.
C) The small cat is chasing a tiger.
D) Abubakar loves football.
  • 6. /p/
A) mask
B) receipt
C) cupboard
D) sport
  • 7. /d/
A) kindness
B) sandwich
C) bridge
D) tender
  • 8. /u:/
A) cook
B) fool
C) cup
D) push
  • 9. /a:/
A) blood
B) balm
C) above
D) flat
  • 10. /e/
A) jeopardy
B) perch
C) feed
D) league
  • 11. The past participle form of the verb 'rise' is .....
A) rised
B) rose
C) risen
D) rises
  • 12. Which of the following statements expresses the simple present tense?
A) Abdulqadir is climbing a pawpaw tree.
B) Bilal will leave for Dubai tomorrow.
C) Hadiza prefers snacks to beans and garri.
D) Nofisat complained about her seat.
  • 13. Which of the following exemplifies a noun phrase?
A) After his case has been decided
B) Before he could open his eyes
C) Without an iota of doubt
D) The man along with his five guard dogs
  • 14. The woman behind my smile is my mother. 'Behind my smile' in the statement is a/an.....
A) Noun phrase
B) Verb phrase
C) Adverbial phrase
D) Adjectival phrase
  • 15. The man lavished all his money at a wedding party. 'At a wedding party' is an adverbial phrase of......
A) manner
B) time
C) place
D) reason
  • 16. Choose the one without /t/ sound.
A) clout
B) mortgage
C) dropped
D) paint
  • 17. Which of the options contains /k/ sound?
A) chores
B) knowledge
C) knit
D) conquer
  • 18. Which of the options contains 'sh' sound as in 'shop'?
A) mess
B) nurse
C) chef
D) touch
  • 19. One of these is not a feature of an informal letter.
A) Final salutation
B) Writer's signature
C) Date
D) Writer's first name
  • 20. Invariably, Mastura ended the letter to her friend with '.....'
A) Your's sincerely,
B) Yours faithfully,
C) Yours sincerely,
D) Yours' faithfully,
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