PARTS OF THE SENTENCE Assignment 4 Short answer
  • 1. Does English sentence have subject and predicate?
A) No, It has not
B) Very few only
C) Some only
D) Questions only
E) Yes, It has
  • 2. Is the subject the person, thing, or idea that the sentence is about?
A) No, It's not
B) Yes, It is
C) Direct object
D) Indirect object
E) Verbs only
  • 3. Can the subject be a single noun, a pronoun, a noun phrase?
A) Yes
B) No
C) A noun only
D) A pronoun only
E) A noun phrase only
  • 4. Is predicate what is said about the subject, and will be a verb or verb phrase, with or without modifiers?
A) No, It's not
B) Yes, It is
C) Without subject
D) Without verb
E) Without predicate
  • 5. When a sentence beginning with Here/There followed right after by a form of the verb Be comes...
A) Modifier
B) The subject
C) The predicate
D) Object
E) Direct Object
  • 6. How many sorts of verbs are there?
A) Only two
B) There are three intransitive, transitive and linking verbs.
C) Four
D) Six
E) Only one
  • 7. What is a transitive verb?
A) It's all about
B) Subjunctive
C) Possessive
D) Passive
E) When a verb needs a noun or pronoun to receive the action of the verb and complete its meaning.
  • 8. The receiver of this action is called...
A) Subject
B) Direct Object
C) Indirect Modifiers
D) Modifiers
E) Direct Modifiers
  • 9. How does a linking verb serve?
A) Decode the sentence
B) work primarily to connect the subject with another closely related word.
C) Encode the sentence
D) Sadistic
E) Specifics
  • 10. What is a complement?
A) No, It's not
B) Incorrect
C) Is the generic form for the completer of the verb
D) Perhaps
E) Contradictory
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