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  • 1. The is_____an annual celebration held every third week of February in the district of Villa de Arevalo, Iloilo City, Philippines.
A) Paraw regatta festival
B) Bantayan festival
C) Binayog festival
  • 2. Another fruit that grow in abundance in Sultan Kudarat.
A) Marang
B) Mango
C) Durian
  • 3. Found along the way to Kaamulan Park, the _____building is one of the major landmarks in Malaybalay.
A) Bukidnon provincial capitol
B) Camp philips
C) Mt. Katinglad
  • 4. It is a religious celebration in the municipality of looc, Romblon province.
A) Binary festival
B) Talabukon festival
C) Saginyogan festival
  • 5. Sarangani has 17 municipalities
A) False
B) True
  • 6. It is called "City of Pines"
A) Baguio city
B) Ilo ilo city
C) Cebu city
  • 7. product of siquijor
A) Sweet potato
B) Corn
C) Guava
  • 8. It is an island province in Central Visayas.
A) Tawi tawi
B) Siquijor
C) Sultan kudarat
  • 9. The iconic pyramid-shaped chapel (designed by Leandro Locsin) is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Bukidnon.
A) Bukidnon provincial capitol
B) Dahilayan adventure park and pine forest
C) Monastery of the transfiguration
  • 10. Located in the barangay of Campalanas in Lazi, this 400-year-old Balete is considered as the oldest and the biggest in the province of Siquijor. - 6
A) Old Balete tree
B) Old ballette tree
C) Old Balette tree
  • 11. It is annual cultural and seaweed festival in the province of Tawi-tawi every month of September 17
A) Toslob festival
B) Moron festival
C) Agal-agal festival
  • 12. It is a war dance between the christian and aetas
A) Lubi festival
B) Binabayani festival
C) Bila-bila festival
  • 13. Is a province in the philippines situated in the caraga region occupying the northeastern section of mindanao. its capital is the municipality of san jose.
A) Dinagat island
B) Hagakhak island
C) San Juan island
  • 14. It is known for its unique Philippine culture of blending Catholicism with traditional religious practices.
A) Sultan kudarat
B) Siquijor
C) Davao
  • 15. The name "Bukidnon" means
A) Mountain dweller
B) Both
C) Highlander
  • 16. This is just 577 feet high from its base but technically its 2,654 feet above sea level. Located near the foothills of Daguma Mountain Range at Sitio Marawir, Barangay Salumping in the Municipality of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat.
A) Mawarir Peack
B) Maruvir Peack
C) Marawir Peack
  • 17. It is yearly gathering of the seven tribes, namely the Talaanding, Tigwahanon, Matigsalug, Higaonon, Bukidnon, Manobo and Umayamnon, celebrated at Malaybalay City the Capital City of Bukidnon.
A) Kaanulan festival
B) Kamulaan festival
C) Kaamulan festival
  • 18. This is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world, located in the northern part of Aklan. It is known for its talc powder, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and vibrant nightlife.
A) Hinugtan beach
B) Bantayan beach
C) Boracay
  • 19. "Putong or Tubong" literally means with songs, poetry, prayers and feasting.
A) Both "place on head" or "to crown"
B) "place on head"
C) "To crown"
  • 20. It is an annual festival in the city of Davao in the Philippines. The festival is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living.
A) Chinese new year festival
B) Pasko fiesta sa Davao
C) Kadayawan festival
  • 21. an impressive structure that showcases Chinese architecture with intricate carvings and vibrant colors.
A) Grapes Farm
B) Baluarte Watchtower
C) Ma-Cho Temple
  • 22. It is an indigenous fun dance (street parade) utilizing the City's Abundant coco plants and materials.
A) Lubi festival
B) Canoan festival
C) Pamukad festival
  • 23. The building sits at the heart of a large complex. An expansive green lawn stretches out from the capitol, and is home to a golden statue of Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat, after whom the province was named.
A) Baras bird sanctuary
B) Marawir Peack
C) Sultan kudarat provincial capitol
  • 24. It is a Thanksgiving festival for the bountiful catch and harvest.
A) Tag-anito festival
B) Pintos festival
C) Toslob festival
  • 25. Sultan Kudarat is subdivided into_____municipalities and 1 city.
A) 21
B) 10
C) 11
  • 26. ______is the most hottest month in Baguio City.
A) April
B) May July
  • 27. It is the biggest yearly cultural festival and founding anniversary of the province of Sultan Kudarat, Philippines every November 22.
A) Bantayan festival
B) Kanduli festival
C) Kalimudan festival
  • 28. It is known as the "Marble Capital of the Philippines
A) Batanes
B) Palawan
C) Romblon
  • 29. This festival celebrates the life cycle of butterflies, the butterfly farming industry being one of the town's more unique industries
A) Pintos festival
B) Bila-bila festival
C) Agal-agal festival
  • 30. It is known for its pristine waters, white fine sand beach, and tall coconut trees - which all contribute to complete summer feels.
A) Salagdoong beach
B) Paniton beach
C) Solangon beach
  • 31. The first Mosque in the Philippines and one of the oldest Mosque where located at Simunul Tawi-tawi.
A) Sheik karimol makhdum mosque
B) Sheik karilom makhdum mosque
C) Sheik karinol makhdum mosque
  • 32. Most volcanic eruption happened in 1991.
A) Mt. Pulag
B) Mt. Mayon
C) Mt. Pinatubo
  • 33. One of the most famous religious festivals in the Philippines. One of the most interesting features of this festival is that it attracts both devout locals and non-religious folks, making it an open celebration for visitors who would like to immerse in Filipino culture.
A) Gasang Gasang festival
B) Marinduque Moriones festival
C) Bila Bila festival
  • 34. LA Union was created as a province in _____, during the Spanish colonial period.
A) 1850
B) 1860
C) 1750
  • 35. It signifies the hard work of farmers and laborers, by celebrating their successes with fresh vegetables and fruits for all to eat.
A) Lubi festival
B) Canoan festival
C) Pamukad festival
  • 36. It is commonly known as the "dwarf freshwater crab" or "Philippines dwarf crab".
A) Pandaca Pygmea
B) Both
C) Sinarapan
  • 37. The term "Moriones" came from the word_____which means masks.
A) Moron
B) Maron
C) Moronz
  • 38. It is held every April 25 - May 1 in Iba, Zambales.
A) Binabayani festival
B) Paynauen "Duyan" festival
C) Dinamulag festival
  • 39. It is known as the biggest Church in Baguio.
A) Saint Vicent Church
B) Baguio Cathedral
  • 40. The name given to the province was derived from a Muslim ruler, the late who begun to assert his leadership in the year 1619.
A) Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat
B) Sultan Mohammad Dipatuan Kudarat
C) Sultan Muhammad Diputuan Kudarat
  • 41. one of the oldest handicrafts, making fabric using different thread.
A) Weaving
B) Seaving
C) Burial jars
  • 42. It is a province of the Philippines, in the country's Central Visayas Region.
A) Romblon
B) Bohol
C) Cebu
  • 43. One of the three coastal towns of the Province of Sultan Kudarat offers countless adventures to experience, destinations to see and activities to do.
A) Kalamansig beach
B) Baras bird sanctuary
C) Lagbasan cave
  • 44. It is known for its white-sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, and relaxing atmosphere. It is also less crowded than the more popular beaches in the Philippines, giving visitors a quieter visit.
A) Campuestohan highland resort
B) Lakawon Island resorts
C) Tinagong Dagat island resort
  • 45. It is one of the largest celebrations that is looked forward to not only by Cebuanos but by all the devotees of Seor Santo Niño
A) Dinagyang festival
B) Sinulog festival
C) Pintos festival
  • 46. The is one of the justification of the hospitality of the Marinduqueños.
A) "puto or tubo"
B) "putong or tubong"
C) "puyong or tuyong"
  • 47. It is an annual flower festival celebrated every February. This festival reflects the history, traditions and values of Baguio and the Cordilleras.
A) Dinagyang festival
B) Baguio arts festival
C) Panagbenga festival
  • 48. is one of the largest Muslim groups in the Philippines.
A) Blaan tribe
B) Maguindanaon tribe
C) T'boli tribe
  • 49. It is celebrated in Kiamba, Sarangani in celebration of the town's founding anniversary every February 14.
A) Hinabyog festival
B) Timpuyog festival
C) Kanduli festival
  • 50. They are known for their colorful Indigenous clothing and intricate beadwork
A) Blaan tribe
B) T'boli tribe
C) Maguindanaon tribe
  • 51. It is the longest river in the Philippines, stretching over 500 kilometers from the Cordillera Mountains to the Luzon Strait
A) Cagayan river
B) Pampanga river
C) Agusan river
  • 52. They are known for their weaving skills and traditional music.
A) Maguindanaon tribe
B) Blaan tribe
C) T'boli tribe
  • 53. What is the former name of romblon?
A) Domblon
B) Bomlon
C) Damblon
  • 54. The province of La Union became independence province in______.
A) 1920
B) 1910
C) 1901
  • 55. It located on the southwestern part of the island of Mindanao.
A) Sultan kudarat
B) Davao
C) Baguio
  • 56. It is celebrated every second week of November in the Municipality of Esperanza in the Province of Sultan Kudarat.
A) Timpuyog festival
B) Kanduli festival
C) Hinabyog festival
  • 57. It offers a diverse range of marine life, including sea turtles, whale sharks, and manta rays.
A) Kapatan-lago dive spots
B) Nalus falls
C) South point dive spots
  • 58. A religious celebration in Bicol region, particularly in Naga City.
A) Dinagyang festival
B) Peñafrancia festival
C) Ibalong festival
  • 59. It is an indigenous fun dance (street parade) utilizing the city's abundant Coco plants and materials
A) Kanduli festival
B) Lubi festival
C) Panagbenga festival
  • 60. It is a religious celebration in the municipality of looc, Romblon province
A) Dinagyang festival
B) Talabukon festival
C) Lubi festival
  • 61. is a province in the Philippines that belongs to the SOCCSKSARGEN religion on the island of Mindanao and its capital is Alabel.
A) Sultan Kudarat
B) Sarangani
C) Tawi-tawi
  • 62. The _____ is a wonderful showcase of the city's heritage, culture, and devotion to Sto. Nio (the child Jesus).
A) Sinulog festival
B) Dinagyang festival
C) Bantayan festival
  • 63. It is a yearly agricultural festival as well as a founding anniversary celebration in the town of Alcantara in Romblon, which was put up as a thanksgiving
A) Saginyogan festival
B) Bila-bila festival
C) Lubi festival
  • 64. A design that suggest human figure with complete or partial facial features of the first inhabitants of Mindanao
A) Burial jar
B) Baol
C) Burial box
  • 65. Bukidnon has_____ municipalities
A) 17
B) 15
C) 20
  • 66. It is stratovolcano located approximately one kilometer from lake buhi
A) Mount Iraga
B) Mount apo
C) Mount bulusan
  • 67. According to oral history of the indigenous people of bukidnon, there were 8 main tribes in Central Mindanao
A) True
B) False
  • 68. It is Maguindanaon delicacy that is basically steamed rice topped with flakes chicken, beef or tuna and wrapped in banana leaves
A) Piyaya
B) Marang
C) Pastil
  • 69. Jaui means_____?
A) Far
B) Sea
C) Near
  • 70. What is the real name of ma'am Perez
A) Ruffa Mae Villon Perez
B) Rufa Mae Vilon Perez
C) Ruffa Mae Villon Perrez
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