worksheet 5 (p3)
  • 1. How many children are there?
A) seven
B) six
C) five
D) eight
  • 2. What grade ... you in?
A) am
B) not
C) are
D) is
  • 3. He plays.....
A) saxophone
B) piano
C) guitar
D) drum
  • 4. What grade are you in? means...
A) Kamu anak siapa?
B) kamu tinggal dimana?
C) kamu kelas berapa?
D) Siapa nama kamu ?
  • 5. Hasan : What grade are you in? Husin : I am... (6)
A) fourth
B) sixth
C) third
D) fifth
  • 6. How old is.......?
A) she
B) he
C) you
D) they
  • 7. They are Tigor, Nurul, Donna, Made, Meilin and.... ( the characters of you english book)
A) Beta
B) Seta
C) Lita
D) Sinta
  • 8. How do you spell RED ?
A) AR, I, Di
D) R, E, D
  • 9. Teacher : What is your.......? Ella : I am Ella
A) nama
B) naim
C) neme
D) name
  • 10. Teacher : you spell it? Ella : E-L-L-A
A) What
B) When
C) How
D) Where
  • 11. My uncle is a shopkeeper.Shopkeeper means...
A) Penjaga pintu
B) Penjaga toko
C) Penjaga tiket
D) Penjaga perpustakaan
  • 12. Aisyah : What is you hobby? Nayla : I like...
A) camping
B) running
C) hiking
D) swimming
  • 13. Teacher : What is your address? Ahmad :...
A) No, thanks
B) I'm in the third grade
C) jl Rajawali 175
D) I'm good
  • 14. Mr. Harun is a....
A) zookeeper
B) goalkeeper
C) security
D) shoopkeeper
  • 15. Big Ben is located in...
A) Malaysia
B) London
C) America
D) Jakarta
  • 16. I am so...... I need to drink a cup of ice tea
A) angry
B) hungry
C) thirsty
D) sleepy
  • 17. They are going to...
A) laboratory
B) bookstore
C) classroom
D) canteen
  • 18. The price of this book is Rp 45.000. Rp 45.000 In english....
A) Four and five rupiahs
B) Forty five thousand rupiahs
C) Fifty four thousan rupiahs
D) Fourteen and five thousand rupiahs
  • 19. They are ... in the forest
A) camping
B) swimming
C) hiking
D) running
  • 20. Twelve,-I'm-years-old. The good sentence is..
A) old years I'm twelve
B) twelve I'm old years
C) I'm twelve years old
D) years old I'm twelve
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