Hatchet Chapters 5-8 Quiz
  • 1. Other than coins, a fingernail clipper a twenty dollar bill, paper, what did Brian have in his possession?
A) hatchet
B) rifle
C) matches
D) candy bar
  • 2. Brian was hungry and kept thinking about eating a
A) banana split
B) pizza
C) hamburger
D) steak
  • 3. What did Brian decide to do when he realized that it might be many days before he would be rescued?
A) build a shelter
B) try to catch fish for dinner
C) roll himself in a ball and cry
D) make warm clothes from tree bark
  • 4. Brian remembered watching a television show where air force pilots took a survival course. This helped him think about what he could eat. Brian decided there must be
A) lizards and fish
B) wild rice
C) worms
D) berries
  • 5. What did Brian keep in sight, so he would not get lost
A) his shelter
B) the lake
C) his jacket
D) the airplane
  • 6. Which statement from Hatchet is an opinion?
A) The trees were full of birds singing ahead of him in the sun.
B) He looked up the lake shore, to the north.
C) He could not believe it was that easy. It was as if the birds had taken him right to the berries.
D) When he was done or found berries, he thought, he would just turn around so the water was on his left and walk back until he came to the ridge and his shelter.
  • 7. What caused Brian to get sick?
A) he was sunburned
B) He ate too many berries
C) he had a lot pain in his leg
D) he had a cold
  • 8. Other than gut cherries, what else did Brian find to eat?
A) mushrooms
B) eggs
C) raspberries
D) greens
  • 9. Where did Brian see the bear?
A) swimming in the lake
B) in the woods
C) in his shelter
D) by the berry bushes
  • 10. What hurt Brian in the middle of the night?
A) a bear
B) a beaver
C) a snake
D) a porcupine
  • 11. What woke Brian up before the attack?
A) the movement of the animal
B) the scratching of the animal
C) the animal's smell
D) the animal making noise
  • 12. How will Brian make fire?
A) making sparks with his hatchet
B) using a magnifying glass
C) rubbing two sticks together
D) using matches
  • 13. Brian chipped his hatchet while
A) catching fish
B) making a spear
C) fighting a bear
D) throwing it at a porcupine
  • 14. Based on Chapter 8, one can conclude that
A) Brian will be able to make a fire
B) Brian will sleep more soundly from now on
C) Brian will find a new shelter
D) Brian will find a new berry patch
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