Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears Comprehension
  • 1. In this selection, a yam is a ______.
A) turnip
B) sweet potato
C) weed
D) white potato
  • 2. Why does the iguana think that the mosquito's story is nonsense?
A) There is no such thing as a yam.
B) Yams are always smaller than mosquitoes.
C) Mosquitoes are tiny compared to yams.
D) Yams and mosquitoes are the same size.
  • 3. The iguana puts sticks in his ears because _____.
A) he doesn't want to hear what the mosquito is saying
B) he is trying to be funny
C) the mosquito is buzzing around in his ears
D) the mosquito is talking too loudly and too fast
  • 4. The iguana "went off, mek, mek, mek." In the story, the words mek and kirk are ________.
A) how things taste
B) the different things animals smell
C) what the animals see
D) how the animals sound when they move
  • 5. Who warns the other animals of danger?
A) King Lion and the owl
B) the crow and the monkey
C) the python and the rabbit
D) the mosquito and the iguana
  • 6. The monkey leaps "kili wili through the trees". In this story, kili wili means _______
A) excitedly
B) calmly
C) easily
D) quietly
  • 7. How does King Lion find out why the sun is still sleeping?
A) He brings the mosquito before the council.
B) He asks each animal what has happened?
C) He asks the owlets.
D) He searches for the mosquito, who is hiding.
  • 8. The iguana doesn't speak to the python because the iguana _______.
A) can't hear with sticks in his ears
B) is planning some mischief
C) is mad at the snake
D) is in a hurry
  • 9. The author repeated some lines in story to make the ______.
A) story easier to read
B) story difficult to read
C) story fun to read
D) story longer
  • 10. Which sentence best tells about the mosquito?
A) She tries to do good for others.
B) She still whines in people's ears.
C) She causes trouble on purpose.
D) She is very brave.
  • 11. At the end of the story, what does KPAO! stand for?
A) a word meaning "yes"
B) the sound of a mosquito buzzing
C) the sound of someone slapping at a mosquito
D) the sound of someone shouting
  • 12. "Coyote Places the Stars" and "Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears" are similar because both stories _________.
A) are humorous and have nonsense verses
B) are like a science textbook
C) have animal characters and explain about something in nature
D) are about real animals and are factual
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Answer Key
1.B   2.C   3.A   4.D   5.B   6.A   7.B   8.A   9.C   10.B   11.C   12.C  
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