Reading Genre Quiz B
__1. autobiographyA. a type of story
__2. biographyB. made up story
__3. fantasyC. story using imagination to tell of an unreal world
__4. fictionD. true story
__5. genreE. your story written by you
__6. historical fictionF. your story written by someone else
__7. mysteryG. story that happens in the past
__8. nonfictionH. story that takes place in modern times
__9. realistic fictionI. story with true and fake science facts
__10. science fictionJ. story with a puzzling event that is solved at the end
__11. dramaA. story teaching a lesson that includes animals acting human
__12. fableB. story with a lesson handed down by other people
__13. folktaleC. a story telling about gods, heroes, and nature
__14. mythD. verse written to encourage you to think
__15. novelE. story acted out on a stage
__16. poetryF. made up story with chapters, many characters, and many plots
__17. short storyG. a made up story with few characters and one plot
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