DR Quiz: The Tree House
  • 1. What is the genre of "The Tree House?
A) realistic fiction
B) fantasy
C) fairy tale
D) historical fiction
  • 2. What two things does the main character plan to do in her secret place?
A) hide and read
B) climb and read
C) read and sleep
D) hide and sleep
  • 3. Which two paragraphs show that someone is talking in the passage?
A) 1 and 3
B) 2 and 3
C) 3 and 4
D) 2 and 4
  • 4. What does 'it' refer to in the following sentence: (see paragraph 1) It was the first time he let us get up in the tree house.
A) the ladder
B) the tree house
C) lunch
D) today
  • 5. What does 'it' refer to in the following sentence: (see paragraph 2) My cat keeps looking up at it.
A) the tree house
B) the ladder
C) my brothers
D) lunch
  • 6. What lifeskill and 7 Habit did Daddy MOST LIKELY use to build the tree house?
A) effort and sharpen the saw
B) caring and be proactive
C) responsibility and think win-win
D) perseverance and begin with the end in mind
  • 7. The setting of the story is MOST LIKELY--- Remember the setting tells WHEN and WHERE.
A) the back yard; in the evening
B) the back yard; in the afternoon
C) the back yard; in the morning
D) the front yard; in the afternoon
  • 8. Why did Daddy 'roll his eyes and laugh'?
A) Mama was upset with him.
B) Mama was bothering him.
C) Mama was teasing him.
D) Mama needed him to come in the house.
  • 9. Who is telling us about the tree house?
A) a brother
B) the writer (author)
C) Mama
D) Daddy
  • 10. Which set of words ALL have the 'short a' sound?
A) today, ate, can
B) can, laugh, Daddy
C) Daddy, at, said
D) cat, daughter, Daddy
  • 11. According to the passage, which statement is false?
A) It was exciting to eat lunch in the tree house.
B) It took a long time to build the tree house.
C) They had a picnic in the tree house.
D) The children were thankful for their dad's hard work.
  • 12. Which word has a vowel sound that is like the one in WORK?
A) do
B) wrong
C) over
D) mouse
  • 13. Which words have a 'long e' sound at the end?
A) beside, need
B) cake, we
C) monkey, be
D) mouse, we
  • 14. Which word is a contraction for 'I have'?
A) I'ave
B) I ha've
C) Iv'e
D) I've
  • 15. Which word has the -ing added to the base word?
A) spring
B) thing
C) wing
D) thinking
  • 16. What is the past tense of hope?
A) hoped
B) hopped
  • 17. Where would you look if you were trying to find out what page a chapter begins on?
A) the title page
B) the table of contents
C) the cover
D) the glossary
  • 18. What is the present tense of hugged?
A) hug
B) hugg
  • 19. When did the children get to go up in the tree house the first time?
A) when it was lunch time
B) while Daddy was working on it
C) when it was finished
D) after they hugged Daddy
  • 20. What will the cat MOST LIKELY do?
A) lie down
B) climb up the tree
C) run away
D) chase a bird
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